Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Roofs

Guarantee your safety, warmth and comfort with the ConservatoryLand Roofing System.

Only the very best aluminium and PVCu profiles are used, so you know you’re getting high-quality for your money.

Because we manufacture our roofs finishes using the same material as our frames, your colour schemes and fittings match perfectly.

On top of that, your conservatory roof is fully customisable.

Choose your:

  • Roof type – polycarbonate (plastic) or glass
  • Colour - White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Cream or a mixture of two.
  • Roof vent - manual, automatic, or electric

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ConservatoryLand Conservatory Roof Specifications

Customise Your Conservatory Roof in 3 Easy Steps

You have three decisions to make regarding your conservatory roof.

Let’s go through them one by one:

1. Roof Type

You have two options here – polycarbonate or glass.

Most standard conservatories are fitted with polycarbonate, but glass is the superior product for a number of reasons:

  • It provides a better view (perfect for stargazers)
  • Glass is quieter when it rains
  • Certain glazing types provide protection from the sun’s rays
  • Glass panes can be filled with Aargon gas for better insulation, efficiency, and soundproofing
  • Some glazing types even clean themselves (perfect for roofs that are hard to clean manually)

If you want to stick with the plastic roof, you can upgrade the thickness for better insulation (up to 35mm).

2. Roof Vent

Vents help to keep the temperature of your conservatory just right and to regulate condensation.

We’ve got three different vent types for you at ConservatoryLand

  • Manual – operated by turning a long pole
  • Wall-Mounted Switch – electronically opens and closes the vent
  • Climate Control – automatically opens and closes based on the conservatory temperature (so it works while you’re out)

3. Roof Colour

This is all about your personal preference.

Choose from plain white, rosewood, golden oak and cream - or a combination. If you’re not sure on which roof colour to go for, your personal sales advisor can help you decide.

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