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Find out more about building regulations for conservatories.

Conservatory Building Regulations

Do you need to follow building regulations for a conservatory?

Thinking about buying a conservatory for your home? You’re probably wondering about conservatory building regulations.

This guide will provide all the information you need to know – and if you’re still not sure about something, give us a call on 0800 952 8000.

When do conservatory building regulations apply?

Fortunately, conservatories are exempt from building regulations most of the time. As long as you meet the following criteria, you will be fine:

  • A conservatory must be built at ground level, and be no bigger than 30 square metres in floor area

30 square meter limit

  • A minimum of 50% of the new wall, and 75% of the roof, is glazed or uses translucent material.

building regulations for conservatories

  • External doors and windows must separate the conservatory from the rest of the house.
  • Fixed electrical installations and glazing must comply with building regulations.

Note – You will need building regulation approval in order to form a new structural opening between the conservatory and the rest of the home. Contact your local building control department.

Porch building regulations work in the same way as those for a conservatory – so there is nothing additional you need to be aware of here.

As for conservatory foundations building regulations – there are no particular rules you need to follow in order to install the ConservaBase product we offer.

Energy electrical and glazing building regulations

Referring back to the fourth bullet point above, you need to make sure that your conservatory meets energy electrical and glazing regulations.

This is because the UK government has set energy reduction targets, and wants to make sure everyone is doing their bit.

  • The level of glazing in the windows and doors of the original home, cannot exceed 25% of the floor area of both the original home and the conservatory combined. You must provide your local building control department with these calculations.
  • The level of glazing in the windows, doors and roof of the conservatory, cannot exceed 25% of the floor area of the conservatory. You must provide your local building control department with these calculations.
  • Doors and windows must adhere to current U Values (all glazing provided by Conservatory Land IS).

Also, in order to meet British Standard 6206, glazing in doors and windows needs to be strengthened or laminated safety glass.
If you follow these regulations, then you shouldn’t run into any problems when building your conservatory.
Feel free to ask any questions if there’s something you’re unsure about. One of our team will be happy to help – simply call 0800 952 800.

Information on this page was correct at the time of publishing which is subject to change in line with legislation. 

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