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About our Lean-to conservatories & sunrooms

Widely considered an excellent choice for modern and traditional homes, Lean-to conservatories are popular among our customers — and for very good reason. Making the most of natural sunlight while adding a distinctive Mediterranean feel, glass Lean-to extensions are a great way to upgrade your living space.

With sleek lines and a sloping roof, a Lean-to conservatory creates a spacious and sun-filled extension to your home and a cosy space to enjoy your garden year-round.

Thanks to quality materials and years of expertise, our Lean-to sunrooms and conservatories are built to last for many years to come.

Main benefits

  • Enhance the size and value of your home with a highly-insulated and warm room — whether a bungalow, new build or period property.
  • Enjoy an easy-to-maintain space with a sloping Lean-to conservatory roof so rainwater runs right off the front.
  • Experience a fully customisable process from start to finish: choose your preferred doors, glazing and roof type.
  • Create a light-filled, spacious room that you can enjoy all year round.

Lean-to conservatory designs & features

You’re in control of the size of your uPVC Lean-to conservatory, along with choosing the base, frames and roof — from shape to colour — resulting in a new room that is unique to you.

And since ConservatoryLand is the only UK-based company that manufactures all three main components of the conservatory, including the base, frames and roof, you can relax knowing you’re in expert hands.

Unsure which option suits you best? We’re happy to listen to your needs and give you expert guidance. Whether you want glazing advice, roofing tips or interior design ideas, no question is too small. We’re with you every step of the way.

Meet Mr Hard

“After finalising the design I was amazed how quickly the manufacturing process was, and had my conservatory delivered less than a month later. I’m very pleased with the finished product, and love how it’s improved the house’s feeling of connection to the garden. I was recommended ConservatoryLand and I will certainly be doing the same. You can expect a highly professional service.”

DIY Lean-to conservatory with french doors

Modern Lean-to conservatory style options

Whether you’re looking for a big or small Lean-to conservatory, we have plenty of options. 

Our small Lean-to conservatories mean that even if you own a bungalow or have a small garden, you can still expand and upgrade your living space. What’s more, Lean-to extensions use fewer materials — making them an affordable and simple option for adding value to your home.

Large Lean-to conservatories are great for those who have more garden space to play with. You can turn your new extension into a modern, light-filled dining room or a relaxing lounge — or even alternate by season.

Looking for inspiration? Request a free brochure today.


What is a Lean-to conservatory?

A Lean-to conservatory has a flat, slanted roof that sits at an angle against the wall of your home. Its simple structure makes it a very affordable style of conservatory. What’s more, Lean-to conservatories can be large or small, depending on how much space you have.

Do I need planning permission for a Lean-to conservatory?

You don’t need planning permission for your Lean-to conservatory as long as it meets specific requirements. If your extension exceeds these, you’ll likely need approval before construction. Find out more about planning permission for conservatories.

Can Lean-to conservatories be fitted to bungalows?

Yes, Lean-to conservatories can be added to bungalows. In fact, due to their sloped roofs, Lean-to designs are a great choice for bungalows because their roofline is lower than other conservatory styles. Read more about conservatories for bungalows.

Do Lean-to conservatories need foundations?

Yes, your Lean-to conservatory will need foundations to ensure it’s safe and stable. We offer a high-quality steel ConservaBase system that you can include in your conservatory design, which makes assembling your new extension from the ground up easier than you might think. Find out more about installing our conservatory bases.

How much does a Lean-to conservatory cost?

Thanks to our flexible payment plans, buying your dream conservatory has never been more manageable. With an initial deposit of just £99, you can spread the cost of your brand-new conservatory

At ConservatoryLand, we offer affordable, high-quality Lean-to conservatories. And with each element of the build in your hands, you can customise the options to change the overall price. Design your Lean-to conservatory with our quote engine and get a personalised quote.

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