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The best way to make use of the L-shape space it creates.

Corner Conservatories

If you have a garage or L-shaped house extension protruding out from your home, a corner conservatory is the best way to make use of the L-shape space it creates.

You can build our corner conservatories yourself, in just four days. All we need are your measurements and a photo of the area.

We’ll deliver all made-to-measure parts to your home for free – they’re numbered, easy to fit, and come with simple step-by-step instructions.

  • Leaves no space wasted
  • Fits against existing exterior walls
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

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Please note, that whilst many corner extensions are two-sided conservatories, they can also be three-sided.

What is a Corner Conservatory?

Your corner conservatory – also known as a corner infill conservatory – tucks into the L-shape space left by a garage or extension.

It fits flush against the same walls and is actually easier to set up than any other type of conservatory.

But if you need a helping hand, you can call your dedicated technical advisor at any time (a free service for all Conservatory Land customers).

Want to see what a corner conservatory looks like for real? One of our customers will be happy to show you theirs – just give us a call and we’ll direct you to someone within 30 miles.

Corner Conservatory Design Advantages

Corner conservatory designs have a few advantages.

One we’ve already discussed – the lack of need for a third wall means you can save on materials, and therefore cost too.

Another is that by making use of two walls that are already there, you can save on heating costs for extension, whether it’s a large or small corner conservatory.

But really, the main benefit is that you’re making use of space you probably wouldn’t otherwise.

Corner Conservatory Prices

A 9 square meter (3m x 3m) corner conservatory start from £2,995 inc VAT.

At Conservatory Land, we’re proud to offer affordable extensions for our customers.

We can provide excellent corner conservatory prices because our products are DIY – you build them yourself, and save on the labour costs.

How to Get a Corner Conservatory

  1. Request your free brochure and quote
  2. Tell us your measurements – estimates are fine
  3. We’ll call you back with an initial quote

You don’t need to go ahead with the purchase at that point. It’s your decision. Plus, your brochure and quotation is free no matter what.

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