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What you can buy for the UK's average house price across UK cities

What the UK’s Average House Price Buys You

Latest figures from ONS have revealed the UK’s average house price has increased from £264,000 to £270,000 from August to September. In fact, house prices across the UK have seen such a huge increase over the past decade, it’s harder than ever to get on the property ladder.  But what exactly does £270,000 get you … Continued

Survey: Why the UK needs more space

Whether it’s due to a lack of space for hosting guests or because you’re looking to expand your own family, the need for wanting more space in our homes varies greatly. We all have different needs and wants when it comes to a property, but what does the UK favour most? We’ve conducted a survey … Continued

Biggest Garden Capitals in the UK

For many UK residents, the need for garden space is high on a list of must-haves for a new home. Whether it’s to entertain guests, grow a dream flower garden or provide space for outdoor exercise, it proves to be important in a variety of ways.  However, large garden space isn’t always complimentary to homes, … Continued

The UK’s Most Garden Party Obsessed Cities

With the UK planning a summer of brunches, picnics, and BBQs, this got us thinking, is 2021 the year of the garden party? As the UK moves into the second year of COVID-19, gardens are set to become havens for friends and family to enjoy making memories and reconnecting over a much-loved garden soiree. From … Continued

home office setup

Conservatory Office Ideas

5 Top Tips For Your Conservatory Office Have you found yourself working from home for the foreseeable future? Or do you own your own business and need somewhere more permanent to work from than the living room? Whatever the reason you need more office space, your conservatory could be the answer.  There are plenty of … Continued

P-Shaped Edwardian Conservatory side view

Common Conservatory Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re considering building a conservatory or an orangery, you should plan carefully before you buy to avoid issues later down the line. We want people to love their conservatories, but choosing poorly can end up being an expensive mistake. If a conservatory isn’t planned properly, you may experience problems such as: Too small – … Continued

gutter guard blocked gutter

How To Tackle Conservatory Guttering Problems

When you’ve owned, or perhaps even inherited a conservatory aged over a certain number of years, you might find the same problems keep cropping up. Wear and tear is a natural part of ageing and conservatories are no different. Especially conservatories that were built in the more traditional style – with wooden frames and polycarbonate … Continued

conservatory glass roof glazing

Conservatory Glass Film vs Solar Glass

One of the things we love about our conservatories is that they make great sun traps – particularly in summertime. But there’s a fine line between enjoying the warmth and feel of natural light and having to squint through intense sunshine or, worse still, not being able to sit in your conservatory due to the … Continued

How to Use a Conservatory as a Playroom

How to Use a Conservatory as a Playroom

Need some more space for your growing family? A separate playroom is the perfect way to keep your little ones happy with an area that’s all theirs, while also making sure their beloved toys don’t take over your dining or living room (or the whole house, for that matter!).  The best bit? You don’t have … Continued

Old wood conservatory - Mr Brown - Before

How to Dismantle a Conservatory

Assembling a DIY conservatory is one thing. Taking it down is a different kettle of fish. Although dismantling a conservatory is probably an easier task than erecting one from scratch, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind – especially if you’re planning on doing it yourself. The first thing to … Continued

How to Clean a Conservatory Roof

When you invest time and money into a conservatory, naturally – you want to do your best to keep it looking spick and span. Besides interior design, furnishing and controlling the temperature as effectively as possible throughout the changing of the seasons, keeping your conservatory clean is just one important part of ensuring that it’s … Continued

Conservatory Repairs – When is it not worth it?

If you’ve got an old conservatory that needs a little TLC, you might find that you spend half your time splashing your hard-earned cash on all sorts of repairs. But, the question is – when is it no longer worth the money? You might find that your current conservatory is actually beyond repair. Which means … Continued

Conservatory Flooring Ideas

When it comes to building a new conservatory, or even renovating an existing conservatory – the type of flooring you go for is a big deal. Conservatory flooring, like any type of flooring – can be quite expensive to buy (depending on the type) and fit (depending on whether you choose to hire someone to … Continued

rain on roof

How to fit lead flashing on a conservatory

When you install a brand new DIY conservatory, the last thing you want is rainwater trickling through the roof, soaking everything inside. That’s where conservatory lead flashing comes in handy – and you’re about to find out the most safe and straightforward way to install it. Keeping your conservatory protected from the elements is the … Continued

roof lantern

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory with a Tiled Roof

Installing a tiled roof on your conservatory can turn it into a more permanent extension of your home but may be subject to building regulations or planning permission. Glazed conservatory roofs fill your conservatory with natural light and provide unobstructed views of the sky, but some people still prefer a solid tiled roof. Whilst glazed … Continued

planning permission for a conservatory

Planning Permission for Conservatory pre 2008

One of the many questions our customers ask with regards to conservatories is – do I need planning permission for my conservatory? In most cases, the answer is no. However, this depends on your planned conservatory meeting certain requirements in order for it to pass as a ‘permitted development’ (a development that doesn’t require planning … Continued

conservatory heating

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Log Burner in a Conservatory

Conservatories are now built to be warmer and better-insulated than ever. But without any heating, even the most energy-efficient conservatory will start to feel the chill during the winter months. There are several options available to heat your conservatory – for example,  you could  extend your central heating, oradd an electric heater.  But, getting central … Continued

inside view of a conservatory

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory with a Radiator?

Whilst modern conservatories can be highly insulated and energy-efficient, they will usually still need heating during the cold winter months. With the right heating, you can enjoy the extra space that your conservatory offers all year round. How to heat a conservatory There are plenty of things to consider when deciding how to heat your … Continued

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory After Front View

What is a conservatory?

Over the years, as technology has developed so has the conservatory. Once reserved for nobility, conservatories have evolved from luxury greenhouses to everyday home extensions. Conservatories have become so energy-efficient and comfortable that they are now often used daily, all year round. A conservatory is now more of an extension of our home rather than … Continued

CAD drawing lean to conservatory

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory on a Bungalow?

Adding a conservatory to your bungalow is a practical and affordable way of gaining valuable new living space in the home you love. A conservatory can help to maximise space for a growing family or gain a better connection with your garden. What is a bungalow? A bungalow is typically a one-storey house with no … Continued

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