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Are you looking to expand your home and increase your property’s value with a high-quality conservatory? Before you get started, it can help to have a steer on conservatory prices. That’s why we’ve put together our pricing guide, so you know what you can get for your budget.

To help you find the best conservatory for you and your home, our guide explains conservatory prices and how the size, style and customisation options can affect the total cost.

In this guide, we cover:

How much does a conservatory cost?

You’ve chosen your size and style, now you need to know: how much is a conservatory?

Conservatory prices can vary depending on the provider and the scale of your project. The size, shape, design, materials and installation will impact the cost of a conservatory.

So, how much does a conservatory cost? The price of a conservatory extension can start from just a few thousand pounds for a small self-build Lean-to, increasing to a much bigger budget for a large Orangery. Read on to find out more about our conservatory prices.

Conservatory price list – 2023

At ConservatoryLand, we guarantee some of the lowest conservatory prices in the UK.

Prices shown on this page are for the conservatory only (windows, doors and roof) for self-build on to your own base. Prices shown do not include base, Dwarf-Walls or installation.
Conservatory StyleModel SizePrice From
Lean-toDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£6,654
EdwardianDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£7,591
Hipped-Back EdwardianDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£8,728
VictorianDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£7,591
GableDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£7,641
OrangeryDwarf-Wall3m x 3m£11,151
Sizes shown are for external brickwork sizes. Prices shown include delivery for self-build and VAT.
Prices do not include ConservaBase, base, floor, walls or fitting. Prices correct at time of publication but are subject to change.

Using our conservatory prices guide, you can enjoy peace of mind that there will be no major surprises, such as high, unexpected conservatory costs.

Only the strongest materials are used in building our products, so you know they’re of the highest quality. What’s more, we provide a 10-year guarantee on all conservatories, which covers discolouration, warping and cracking.

If you’d like more information about our range of conservatories and customisation options, download a free brochure today.

Cheap conservatories – buying a conservatory on a budget

Choosing a cheap conservatory doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. We take pride in offering long-lasting, low-cost conservatories that don’t break the bank.

ConservatoryLand has some of the best deals on conservatories, making it easy to find an affordable installation made from premium materials at cheap conservatory prices.

With some of the lowest costs in the UK, we specialise in budget-friendly installations. Plus, you can enjoy added value through expertly crafted finishes.

The budget-conscious will find high-quality products and valuable advice to inspire cheap conservatory ideas. Thanks to our wide selection of styles, you can design a modern and affordable new space just as you always imagined.

When you save on the price of a conservatory at ConservatoryLand, the cheapest build could be the one you install yourself. DIY conservatories are low-price extensions that could help you save money on installation fees, and for experienced DIYers, building a cheap conservatory is easier than you might think.

How much would a fully fitted conservatory cost?

The cost of a fully fitted conservatory varies depending on the labour costs in your area.

If you don’t have time to build your conservatory, consider requesting a quote from a local builder. If you opt to use our network of Approved Installers, you can feel confident that your project will be completed to the highest standard because we thoroughly vet and approve each installer.

Plus, with an estimated cost to install a conservatory, you can determine whether a professional builder provides the best value for money.

The price of your fully fitted conservatory will differ depending on the size and scale of your project. For example, installation-only conservatory prices in the UK can start at just £2,200 including the base for a standard build.

Self-build conservatory prices

Self-build conservatories are a low-budget option to increase your living space without having to pay costly installation fees. Depending on your preferences, you can build your conservatory yourself or hire a contractor. Do-it-yourself conservatories can be one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to expand your home and make the most of your garden.

Cheap self-build conservatories are often a more viable alternative to a more labour-intensive home improvement — like a brickwork extension, for example.

DIY conservatories are usually cheaper than conservatories sold with a full installation service, but the overall cost is dependent on the size and shape of the design. An advantage of self-assembly conservatories is you can control your spending at each stage of the installation. For example, an experienced DIYer might pay a professional builder to install a Dwarf-Wall but assemble the rest of the conservatory and glazing themselves to save on labour costs.

Explore our range of conservatory styles and estimate the cost of your own self-build project by downloading a free brochure today.

If you need a helping hand and would like to know the cost to install a conservatory, get a quote from a local builder in our network of Approved Installers.

A cost guide to popular conservatory styles

Lean-to conservatory prices

Simple in design with a sloped roof, Lean-to conservatories are sleek and modern. Prices vary depending on many factors, including the size of the build and customisation options.

If you’re looking for a Lean-to measuring 3m x 3m with a Dwarf-Wall, our prices start from £6,654. Our Lean-to conservatories are made of the same durable, high-quality materials as most modern conservatories, so you can rest assured your new space is built to last.

lean-to conservatory prices

Find out more about Lean-to conservatories.

Edwardian conservatory prices

Square or rectangular, a traditional Edwardian conservatory is a spacious option with a pitched roof. A 3m x 3m Edwardian conservatory with a Dwarf-Wall starts at £7,591.


Find out more about Edwardian conservatories.

Hipped-Back Edwardian conservatory prices

An Edwardian Hipped-Back conservatory has the same Edwardian-era aesthetic but features an angled roof to suit single-storey buildings, such as bungalows. An Edwardian Hipped-Back conservatory measuring 3m x 3m with a Dwarf-Wall starts at £8,728.

DIY Hipped Back Edwardian Dwarf Wall White - External 3D view

Find out more about Hipped-Back Edwardian conservatories.

Victorian conservatory prices

With a steeply pitched roof and curved bay window, the elegant Victorian conservatory is a popular option for many homeowners. Our Victorian conservatory prices start from £7,591 for a 3m x 3m build with a Dwarf-Wall.

Need a helping hand to build your Victorian conservatory? Remember, the costs of a professional builder will impact the overall price of your conservatory.

victorian conservatory prices

Find out more about Victorian conservatories.

Gable conservatory prices

With a modern, high-vaulted roof, the Gable conservatory is a stylish option. Gable conservatory prices vary based on the dimensions of the build. A Gable conservatory measuring 3m x 3m with a Dwarf-Wall starts at £7,641.

gable conservatory prices

Find out more about Gable Front conservatories.

L-shape conservatory prices

This modern style of conservatory is the ideal option if you have an L-shape space created by a garage or extension. A sleek L-shape conservatory is perfect for tricky outdoor areas. Get in touch today for a free personalised quote.

Find out more about L-shape conservatories.

3×3 conservatory prices

A 3×3 conservatory is a small build with an area of nine square metres. A 3m x 3m Orangery start from £11,151. A 3m x 3m conservatory with a Dwarf-Wall start from £6,654.

Find out more about 3×3 conservatories.

Orangery prices

Elegant and spacious, Orangeries boast a luxury internal pelmet and large aluminium gutter. A 3m x 3m Orangery with a Dwarf-Wall starts at £11,151.

Find out more about our Orangeries.

What else can affect the average cost of a conservatory?

The total cost of a conservatory primarily reflects the size of your project and the customisation options you choose.

Small conservatories prices

Small conservatory prices are less than their larger counterparts, thanks to their comparatively diminutive size. With fewer materials and less labour, a small conservatory is a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Large conservatory prices

As the size of the conservatory increases, so does the price. With larger frames,  and more glazing, the cost of a large conservatory will cost more than a smaller sized equivalent.

The costs of large conservatories vary depending on whether you decide to build the project yourself or hire an Approved Installer to take care of the installation.

Roof options

When it comes to your roof, you have the choice between two options. We offer a cost-effective polycarbonate roof that reduces glare and insulates your space. Our glass roof option is durable and energy-efficient and provides lower noise levels, so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. Get in touch to find out more about the prices of our roofing options.

Find out more about our range of conservatory roof options.

Glazing options

We offer a Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass roofing system that provides consistent temperatures throughout the year. You can opt to upgrade your glazing to our energy-efficient glass option, so you can enjoy your new living space all year round — whatever the weather. Get in touch today to find out more about the costs of our glazing options.

Find out more about our glazing options.

Door options

We have a range of door types, including French doors, bi-fold doors and patio doors. We only use the highest-quality uPVC profiles, so you’ll have peace of mind your conservatory doors are built to last. Get in touch to find out more about the costs of our door options.

Find out more about our range of conservatory doors.


Our bespoke ConservaBase is a high-quality steel base that offers safe and secure foundations for your conservatory. The prices shown on this page do not include our ConservaBase system. Get in touch today to find out more.

Find out more about our unique ConservaBase.

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