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Conservatory Glazing

Learn which conservatory glazing best suits your needs

Double glazed conservatories

With a bespoke build from ConservatoryLand, you can create a modern space that is tailored to you and your lifestyle — including whichever conservatory glazing best suits your needs.

We offer various double glazing options, manufactured exactly to your specifications.

Types of conservatory roof glazing

We offer two types of conservatory roof glazing.

Our energy-efficient glass roof glazing helps reduce heat build up. When compared to polycarbonate roofs, this is a more durable option with lower noise levels. We also offer an optional blue self-cleaning solar control glass roofing system that provides consistent temperatures throughout the year, and your conservatory will benefit from minimal maintenance.

Another popular alternative is our cost-effective polycarbonate roof. This durable and lightweight option reduces glare up to 80%.

Glass roof glazing

Energy-efficient glass roof glazing helps reduce heat build up, with the added value of reduced noise levels.

Polycarbonate roof glazing

Our cost-effective polycarbonate roof is a durable, lightweight option that reduces glare by up to 80%. 

Frame glazing

Our optional energy efficient glazing improves double glazing, which could lead to significant energy savings.

Conservatory frame glazing

Double glazed conservatories provide a higher degree of warmth and sound-proofing so you can enjoy your space all year round, whatever the weather.

We also offer energy-efficient glass that increases the effectiveness of double glazing in your conservatory. These optional glazing units allow plenty of light into your space while reflecting heat from fires and radiators back into your conservatory — heat that standard double glazed units are not designed to reflect.

When it comes to your conservatory frames, you can rest assured that your installation is built to last, using only high-quality uPVC profiles.

Whether you’re looking for a modern double glazed installation or a more classic aesthetic with our energy-efficient glass, our expert team is here to assist at every step of the way.


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