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How can I be sure my conservatory will fit my base/brickwork?

ConservatoryLand supplies most conservatories with ConservaBase. This all-in-one steel base, floor and wall system is manufactured to the same dimensions as your conservatory so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

My conservatory needs to be installed in a corner – is this a problem?

No problem. Many of our conservatories are manufactured with only two sides to fit into corners, or one side to fit between two walls.

For a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, we will manufacture and supply the roof with a box gutter to take the rainwater at the wall side.

Can I add a Full Wall or Three-Quarter Wall on one or two sides of my conservatory?

This build is very common and does not present a problem to ConservatoryLand.

We will manufacture the frames to the same height as your brick wall(s) and the roof will sit perfectly on top.

Is a conservatory suitable for my bungalow or flat-roof extension?

In the case of the Lean-to conservatory, we supply a low-pitch roof to overcome any height restriction.

For Victorian and Edwardian conservatories, we manufacture and supply a hipped-back roof with a box gutter. This means that the roof will slope down at the back (the same as at the front) to your existing property to overcome any height restriction.

How quickly can I get my conservatory from ConservatoryLand?

ConservatoryLand typically manufactures and delivers your new conservatory to anywhere in the mainland England and Wales within a few weeks of placing your order. Please contact us for current order lead times.

How can I pay for my new conservatory?

As ConservatoryLand is a licensed credit broker, we offer a variety of easy payment options — including our new interest-free ‘Buy Now – Pay Later’ option and low-rate conservatory financing packages.

We also accept bank transfers and all major credit and debit cards.

What guarantee will I receive from ConservatoryLand?

ConservatoryLand gives a full 10-year guarantee on all conservatories, which includes the roof, frames, glazing and ConservaBase.

This guarantee is also backed up by our uPVC profile extruders, HL Plastics Limited.

In the case of glass units and all other parts and materials, you’ll receive a 10-year guarantee from the date of delivery.
All our conservatories have a life expectancy of at least 25 years.

Does ConservatoryLand offer an installation service?

ConservatoryLand has built a network of Approved Conservatory Installers across England and Wales, covering most areas.

Our Approved Installers are thoroughly vetted professional tradespeople. We’ve conducted extensive checks that include outstanding customer references and public liability insurance.

The ConservatoryLand Approved Installer will visit your home and carry out a detailed survey which they submit directly to us for manufacturing. After delivery, they will then return to install your conservatory.

Approved Installers are not employed by us, but work on a separate contract with you, so payment for the installation goes directly to them. ConservatoryLand guarantees the product, and the Approved Installer guarantees the installation.

Can my new conservatory sit over a manhole?

You can build a conservatory over a manhole by fitting a double-sealed manhole cover which is relatively inexpensive.

You will not need planning permission in England or Wales for this specific issue, however you will need building regulation approval if you decide to move the position of the manhole and you may also need to check local bylaws and restrictive covenants in your property deeds.

Do you have a conservatory showroom?

We don’t have a showroom, but we like to think we have something better. Go behind the scenes to see how our conservatories are made during a factory tour.

Advanced booking is essential. Visit our page to learn more and to book your tour.

Do you have conservatory prices online?

Our online quote engine provides estimated prices based on your conservatory specifications and customisation options. Simply design your project, including conservatory style, size and colour, to get your personalised quotation.

Can you remove my old conservatory?

Our network of Approved Installers can dismantle your old conservatory, before installing your replacement build.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

Is there a standard size of conservatory from ConservatoryLand?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every home. At ConservatoryLand, we offer made-to-measure conservatories based on your specifications and budget. You could choose a 3×3 small conservatory to add extra space and comfort to your home. If you have a big garden, you could build a large conservatory that can serve multiple functions, such as an office and dining room.

What is the best conservatory style?

Every home is unique. That’s why we believe no single style is right for every customer. We offer a range of modern conservatories to suit your needs and budget.

Some of our most popular conservatory styles include the Lean-to, Edwardian and Orangery. To see the full range, browse our conservatory styles.

How do I look after my ConservatoryLand product?

Our conservatories are expertly crafted from high-quality materials, and with the right maintenance, you can expect yours to last around 25 years (or more). But it’s important to keep your conservatory clean — inside and out. You should also prioritise conservatory repairs if you notice any cracking or warping. Thanks to our conservatory guarantee, your installation is protected for up to 10 years for discolouration, warping and cracking.

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