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The strongest steel base you can get for your DIY conservatory.

Conservatory Bases

Our made-to-measure conservatory bases are built from the highest-quality materials to provide a durable floor that will last for years to come. 

Installing a conservatory steel base

Build your conservatory base in just two days with ConservaBase the strongest steel base you can get for your DIY conservatory.

Strong Conservatory Bases

The ConservaBase system makes assembling conservatories simple and quick. Our team will custom-build the sections based on your measurements and deliver them with step-by-step instructions. 

Our steel conservatory bases stand on just a few easy-to-install concrete pads (or foundation blocks). All steel sections are fully welded, so there’s no flex when you walk on the floor. Plus, they’re coated in anti-corrosive paint to prevent rusting. 

What’s more, our steel conservatory bases are guaranteed for ten years, and your dedicated ConservatoryLand technical advisor is on the end of the phone whenever you need them throughout your build. 

If you need assistance, follow our ConservaBase installation step by step guide, contact a local builder or use our network of Approved Installers.

The benefits of ConservaBase

There are many benefits to choosing our conservatory steel base for your build:

  • It’s cost-effective — no bricklayers to pay or skips to hire because our bases are suitable for both DIY and professional assembly 
  • It’s tidy our streamlined installation process reduces the amount of work required on-site
  • It’s bespoke your base is manufactured to the exact size and shape of your conservatory
  • `It’s fast — bases that would traditionally take three weeks to build can be completed in just two days 
  • It’s durable enjoy a high-quality, modern build for a safe, strong conservatory base
  • It’s energy-efficient ConservaBase floors come insulated as standard, so no additional insulation is required
  • It’s flexible — our bases can be built to work around difficult ground conditions, maintenance holes and even sloping sites

Steel conservatory base options

Custom DIY conservatory base kits

If you choose to build your conservatory yourself, our conservatory base kits are DIY-friendly. We offer all sizes and shapes, just like our conservatories from small lean-tos to grand orangeries.

Brick types

We offer a wide variety of brick types for your conservatory design. You’ll find plenty of finishes to match the brickwork of your house, from golden smooth to rustic charcoal, and everything in between.

Mortar colours

We also have a range of mortar colours to choose from. You can keep things light with white or grey, or opt for brick red, sandstone or charcoal, depending on your preference.

For more inspiration, order a free brochure to explore the range of conservatory styles and customisation options we offer.

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