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About our Orangery extensions

Originally designed in the 17th century as a fashionable greenhouse for fruit trees, the Orangery (or Orangerie) promises both grandeur and versatility. Offering maximum light, yet with a solid and cosy feel, it’s little wonder why they’re a firm favourite with our customers. 

Elegant and spacious, we offer a range of traditional and modern designs to suit your home. Whether you want to create a lavish dining room beneath the stars or upgrade your home with a light-filled living space, an Orangery adds value and comfort.

When you choose an Orangery from ConservatoryLand, you can expect high-quality materials and expert building methods, leaving you confident your new Orangery extension will last for years to come.

Main benefits

  • Create a gorgeous light-filled room to enjoy all year round, complete with an eye-catching aluminium gutter system and modern internal pelmet
  • Enjoy a fully customisable process from start to finish, choosing your preferred roof type, doors and window frames — all made from the highest-quality materials
  • Enhance the size and value of your home — whether a bungalow, new build or period property
  • Get delivery to your door in a matter of weeks — at no extra cost
  • Experience a fast and reliable installation when you use our Approved Installers

Modern Orangery designs & features

With each Orangery custom-made to your specific dimensions and preferences, you’ll first choose the walls: dwarf-wall (typically manufactured to suit a 600mm high wall), full-height (floor-to-ceiling glass) or full-height bottom panel model (full-height frames with solid panels at the bottom). Then, you’ll customise your window frames by choosing which opening mechanism you prefer, your desired handle colours and frame height.  

Finalise your modern Orangery extension with sliding or French doors to create an open room that seamlessly leads out into the garden. Or, opt for bi-fold doors that enhance the flow between your Orangery and garden for even more flexibility and space. Want to keep it cosy? Then a single-door option is for you.

Whether you want glazing advice, roofing tips or interior design ideas, no question is too small. We’re with you every step of the way.

Meet Mr Patel

“I was researching for some extensions — Orangeries, conservatories. We found ConservatoryLand. I loved the way that they kind of put things together. It looked like solid material. They were a good price. They had a good range of different types of Orangeries…I’d definitely recommend it to one of our friends, and definitely recommend it to anyone else…it’s an extraordinary living space.”

orangery with bi fold doors

Orangery style options

An Orangery is a great option for adding style, space and value to your home.

At ConservatoryLand, you’re in control of the size of your Orangery. This includes choosing the frames, doors and roof — from shape to colour — for a brand-new room that’s unique to you.

If you’re unsure what would look best, our team is here to advise. We’ve helped thousands of customers build stylish new living spaces, and we can offer useful tips to help you create a beautiful Orangery just as you pictured.

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What is the difference between an Orangery and a conservatory?

Orangeries and conservatories are very similar. But the main difference is that a conservatory has a glass roof, while a traditional Orangery has a solid flat roof perimeter with a glazed area in the middle. Find out more about the differences between Orangeries and conservatories.

How do you build an Orangery?

Our network of Approved Installers is on-hand to take on the hard work, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the finished result.

Interested in building an Orangery yourself? Not a problem — our DIY Orangeries are quick and straightforward to install, from constructing our intelligent ConservaBase system to assembling the frames, roof and glazing. Read our step-by-step instructions for more information.

Is an Orangery or a conservatory more expensive?

How much an Orangery will cost depends on its size and specifications. Orangeries can sometimes be slightly more expensive than conservatories due to their roof style and more extensive brickwork. But it depends entirely on what you choose. For example, small Orangeries might be less expensive than large conservatories. To get an accurate estimate for your project, use our quote engine today.

Do you need planning permission for an Orangery?

It’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission for an Orangery. But it’s best to check with your local planning authority first. Read more about planning permission for Orangeries.

How much does an Orangery add to the value of a house?

How much value an Orangery will add to your home depends on many factors, including the standard of the build, where you live and your property type. As an approximate guide, according to some property experts, adding a conservatory or Orangery to your home can increase its value by 7%.

How much does a uPVC Orangery cost?

Thanks to our flexible payment plans, buying your dream Orangery has never been easier. With an initial deposit of just £99, you’re free to spread the cost of your brand-new Orangery.

At ConservatoryLand, we offer affordable, high-quality Orangeries. And with each element of the build in your hands, you can customise the options to change the overall price. Design your Orangery with our quote engine and get a personalised quote now.

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