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About our bungalow conservatories

While bungalow conservatories are a highly popular choice, each is custom-made to your exact dimensions and needs. 

There are several considerations to take into account when it comes to finding the right conservatory for your bungalow. From selecting your glazing type to choosing your preferred door style, ConservatoryLand experts are on hand to guide you through every step of the process.

Main benefits

  • Increase the size and value of your home
  • Create a new, light-filled room the whole family can enjoy all year round
  • Maximise your existing space and natural surroundings: as ground-level homes, bungalows tend to have more outdoor space to play with 
  • Control every element of the completely customisable process, from start to finish

Bungalow conservatory designs & features

At ConservatoryLand, you can customise your dream conservatory, controlling every stage of the build, choosing from:

  • Full-Height Glass or Dwarf-Wall style
  • Polycarbonate or glass roofing
  • Bespoke doors such as patio, French, bi-folding or panelled 
  • Your choice of window glazing technology
  • A wide range of colours such as white, grey, golden oak and rosewood 

Not sure which options are best for your home? Our experts will guide you through the bungalow conservatory design process at every step. With plenty of examples of prior builds and beautiful colour schemes, our team will provide inspiration and help you create a space that’s perfect for your specific needs and vision.

conservatory on a bungalow

Meet Mr Williams

“Everything about the ConservatoryLand experience has been positive. I want to give a special thanks to Martin in Customer Support because he was there every step of the way with useful advice and tips. A quality conservatory at a budget price. Yes, it’s been hard work for one person in their late 50s, but the end result is definitely worth it.”

Bungalow conservatory style options

By their nature, some conservatory designs lend themselves to bungalows particularly well. These include:

Lean-to conservatories – Due to their iconic sloped roofs, Lean-to conservatory styles are ideal for bungalows as they’re normally low enough to accommodate the property they’re attached to.

Hipped-Back Edwardian conservatories – The hipped-back style of roof that this conservatory is named after can make it appear as though it stands alone from your property, so conflicting roof heights is not an issue. This is one of the reasons why Hipped-Back Edwardian conservatories work particularly well with bungalows from a visual perspective, making them a popular choice for single-storey property owners.

It’s worth noting that these are just two examples of some of the conservatories that suit bungalows. Ultimately, which style you go for is entirely your decision. Don’t forget our expert team can offer their advice and discuss how our conservatories can work with any size and height restrictions your home has.

Looking for inspiration? Request a free brochure today.

Our finance plans

Thanks to our flexible payment plans, buying your dream bungalow conservatory has never been easier. With an initial deposit of just £99, you’re free to spread the cost of your brand new bungalow conservatory.

Design your bungalow conservatory with our quote engine and get a personalised quote.

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