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Tired of constantly having to clean out your conservatory gutters? Or maybe you’re noticing leaks and damage due to improper water drainage? In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of proper guttering for your conservatory and some helpful tips and tricks to keep your gutters clean and well-maintained. Say goodbye to clogged gutters and hello to a functional and aesthetically pleasing conservatory.

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Why is my conservatory guttering leaking?

Your conservatory guttering may be leaking due to various reasons related to conservatory box gutter problems and general conservatory guttering issues. Various reasons cause gutter leaks, including:

Leaves, dirt and debris

Box guttering clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris will not drain properly. As a result, when rain accumulates in the gutter, it can’t be carried away as quickly as it fills up and water spills over the front.

If the problem isn’t fixed, cracks, bubbles or discoloured paint on your conservatory trim could occur. You should clean your gutters regularly to avoid this. If you ever notice an overflow, investigate it quickly.

gutter guard blocked gutter


If your gutters are clean but still leak, corrosion could be the cause.

There may be rusty pinholes in the gutter pan or solder joints in the copper or sheet metal that have cracked or separated. Worn away sealant can also cause corrosion.

This is more likely to occur in areas where the gutter holds water rather than where it passes through.

Whatever the cause, you should fix or replace the gutter as needed. Otherwise, a leak could lead to further damage to your conservatory.

Damage to box gutter trim

When the box gutter trim is damaged, it is one of the worst-case scenarios for leaks. This can cause water to run behind the gutter, rather than in front, leading to an overflow towards the building.

If the seal is damaged, water can enter the attached property and damage the internal ceiling or the inside of the adjoining wall. Box gutters designed incorrectly will usually cause this problem.

If the front of your gutter is not lower than the back, you shouldn’t experience this issue.

How to fix conservatory guttering and stop leaking

If you choose high-quality conservatory box gutters, install them correctly and keep them maintained, you’re unlikely to experience any problems and need to make any fixes. However, if you are experiencing conservatory box gutter problems, here are some solutions: 

Clean the gutters: Remove any debris or blockages from the gutters. This could include leaves, twigs, or dirt that may be causing the water to overflow.

Inspect for damage: Check the guttering for any cracks, holes, or loose joints where water could be escaping. Repair or replace any damaged sections.

Realign the gutters: Make sure that the guttering is properly aligned and sloped towards the downpipe to allow water to flow freely without pooling or spilling over the edges.

Seal joints and gaps: Use a waterproof sealant to seal any gaps or joints in the guttering system. This will prevent water from leaking through these areas.

Install gutter guards: Consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from accumulating in the guttering and causing blockages.

Regular maintenance: It’s important to keep up with minor repairs and regular maintenance over time to keep box gutters in good working order. More extensive repairs may require more money and time, including detaching box gutter sections from the conservatory to address sealant or corrosion issues.

How to clean guttering

One of the simplest ways to protect gutters from damage is to keep them clean of leaves and debris.

Ladders can reach most gutters. You must remove anything that may clog them, such as dirt and leaves.

A drain rod with a hinged metal scraper is a great solution for those more difficult to reach. It will allow you to get deeper into the drain to retrieve anything that might cause a blockage.

You can clean them as often as you see fit — but it’s best to keep on top of maintenance if you want long-lasting gutters.


What is box guttering?

Box guttering is a type of guttering system commonly used in buildings with flat or low-pitched roofs, particularly conservatories and bungalows. The distinctive feature of box guttering is its rectangular or box-like shape, hence the name. It consists of a trough that runs along the edge of the roof to collect rainwater and down the downpipe for drainage.

Box guttering should be made from high-quality materials, such as uPVC, and installed correctly. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear if not maintained, resulting in leaks, sagging, and blockages. They can face various problems due to their design and location, but addressing these problems promptly through regular maintenance, proper installation, and timely repairs can help with any box gutter conservatory roof problems.

Can you replace conservatory guttering?

Yes, you can replace conservatory guttering. If your conservatory guttering is old, damaged, leaking, or simply not functioning properly, replacing it can be a good solution.

How to install conservatory guttering

1. Measure and plan: Measure the length of the conservatory where guttering will be installed. Decide on the type of guttering material and style you want.

2. Add gutter clips: Install gutter clips at regular intervals along the outside of the conservatory roof

3. Add the gutter: Fasten the gutter onto the gutter clips making sure it’s fixed into place

4. Attach downpipe: Drill a hole into the last piece of guttering and attach the fixing for the downpipe. Proceed to install this piece of guttering and add the downpipe to the wall. 

Watch our YouTube video for detailed instructions on how to stall conservatory guttering, and explore our channel for other ways to improve and maintain your conservatory.

How much does it cost to replace guttering on a conservatory?

The cost of replacing old box gutters varies depending on the damage. In most cases, this could be a low-cost DIY job. If you need a professional to carry out the work, the expense might be significantly more.

The ConservatoryLand guarantee

At ConservatoryLand, we’re proud to provide high-quality conservatories. That’s why every installation comes complete with a 10-year guarantee that protects all uPVC components against discolouration, warping and cracking. So, you can rest assured that if any unlikely problems related to your gutters arise, we’ll take care of them for you.

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