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A big factor to consider when choosing an extension of any type, is the construction work required.

So when it comes to planning, you want to know just how long a conservatory takes to build, as like with any extension, you ideally want to keep the level of disruption to a minimum.

It will therefore come as no surprise that the build time very much varies depending on the type of conservatory you choose, and the location of your build.

Although there are many extraneous factors that could affect the build, you will be glad to hear that purchasing one of our DIY conservatories can not only save you money, but time too.

This guide will take you through the estimated time it will take you to build one of our conservatories, based on our top selling conservatory styles.

Estimated build times for different conservatory types

As mentioned above, knowing exactly how long it will take for your conservatory to be built is a question that many people want to know when planning for their new extension.

And as you know, every conservatory is bespoke to your requirements, therefore not one build will be the same.

However, to help give you a guideline to work from, we have decided to give an estimation of how long a typical conservatory style will take to erect.

Conservatory StyleProfessional Build Time Using Conventional Base, Floor & WallsDIY Build Time Using ConservaBase, Floor & Walls
Edwardian2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Days
Hipped-Back Edwardian2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Days
Lean-To2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Days
Gable Front2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Days
Victorian2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Days
P-Shape3 - 4 Weeks5 - 7 Days
T-Shape3 - 4 Weeks5 - 7 Days
Orangery4 - 5 Weeks7 - 9 Days
Porch1 - 2 Weeks3 - 5 Days
BespokeSubject to Style/SpecificationSubject to Style/Specification

The build times shown above are intended as a rough guideline only. They include dwarf-walls, are based on average sizes, standard specifications and do not include internal plastering, electrics, floor covering or furnishing/fittings. Build times can vary significantly, subject to ability, experience, weather conditions and other factors.

As you can see choosing the DIY option from ourselves can shave a large chunk of time off the build, meaning you can be enjoying your new extension in as little as just 3 days.

Obviously, when you come to building the conservatory yourself, it is completely up to you when you complete the build – as you can take as much time as you’d like depending on when you are available to work on it.

We did however, want to show you just how convenient the DIY option can be for you, versus hiring a professional to build this.

Even if you were to use one of our approved installers, the time taken to complete the build is likely to be significantly less than going direct to a professional builder.

How Disruptive will it be?

The level of disruption that will take place during the build can depend on access to your garden, and the location of your conservatory.

Restricted access to the garden may also mean it takes longer to implement the necessary ground work prior to the build.

Depending on the amount of people helping with the build, there may be disruption to your garden/lawn. Putting wooden boards down will help minimise this however.

Also, it’s good to note that planning to build over a drain or manhole in your garden, may cause further delay. Things such as this require building regulation or water authority approval, and may involve the relocation of the manhole itself.

How to Minimise Conservatory Build Time

When building your conservatory, you ideally want this to be done in the least possible time, so that you can get to work enjoying your new room.

Therefore, to help achieve this, we have decided to share with you a few tips that should allow you to build your conservatory in the shortest time.

We recommend that you make sure you have all necessary tools to hand, so you are ready to use them straight away. Our detailed instruction booklet will list the exact tools you need, some of which you may need to order, borrow or hire. So having these in time for the build will ensure your valuable build time is not extended unnecessarily

Preparation is key – doing all the necessary prep work prior to your conservatory being delivered will allow you to get to work straight away.

And finally, enlist some help. Whether this be a family member or friend, an extra pair of hands will definitely speed up the process, and also make the lifting and carrying a little easier.


So, if learning just how quick our DIY conservatories take to build has now made you want your very own, why not request a brochure from us free of charge today? Our brochure shows all the styles we have available, allowing you to pick the exact design to suit you.

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