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Having a conservatory is great. You get all that extra room, a great view of the garden – not to mention the value it adds to your home.

But to really make the most of it, you need to make sure that you keep your conservatory clean and tidy.

Quick conservatory cleaning tips

Here, we’re going to offer some quick conservatory cleaning tips to help you complete the task in the most effective, efficient way possible.

Clean Outside First

It’s easier to spot dirt, marks and smudges that are on the inside, when you are inside looking out.

It’s best to always begin by cleaning the exterior, and then any remaining marks can be easily identified as being on the inside.

Cleaning uPVC window frames

The good news is that uPVC is very easy to clean, as it tends to be resistant to most types of weather.

Either invest in some proper window cleaning solution or mix a little washing up liquid with some warm water, then grab a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and get to work.

If it’s a nice, summer day you can let the sun take care of the drying. Or, you can just grab a clean cloth and wipe it down.

Cleaning the conservatory roof

To clean your conservatory’s roof, you will need a ladder and a telescopic brush.

Use the ladder to climb up along the outside of your conservatory, and the brush (mixed with your choice of window cleaning solution) to reach every corner of the roof.

If your extension features Conservatory Land’s self-cleaning glass then it will require less frequent cleaning than standard glazing.

Gutters and drainage

It’s extremely important to regularly clean all the gutters on and surrounding your conservatory to ensure proper drainage.

Otherwise, things can get clogged up causing water to overflow and damage your conservatory.

Conservatory cleaning dos and don’ts

Your conservatory will need cleaning at least once every six months to keep it looking at its best and to avoid a build-up of dirt and debris causing damage.

Cleaning your conservatory can be time-consuming, but isn’t difficult when using the right equipment

We’ve put together a list of key conservatory cleaning dos and don’ts to help you complete the job safely and take proper care of your conservatory.

First up, follow these five fundamental dos to keep your conservatory in top condition and improve its longevity.


  • clean your conservatory regularly to avoid dirt and debris building up.
  • clean your gutters regularly to avoid them overflowing and causing damage to your conservatory.
  • clean both the inside and the outside of your conservatory’s glass.
  • ensure that you have the correct equipment to hand before you begin cleaning.
  • check the locks and hinges on your conservatory doors and windows regularly and oil them when necessary.
  • clean your conservatory on an overcast day if possible. Hot and sunny weather can make the glass dry too quickly, leaving behind smears and smudges.

Take note of the following conservatory cleaning don’ts to avoid making mistakes that could damage your conservatory or cause harm to you or the people in your home.


  • use harsh chemicals or spirit-based cleaners as they can damage your conservatory’s uPVC.
  • use metallic or abrasive sponges or brushes as they can mark or damage plastic.
  • use pressure washers as they can damage the seals on your conservatory.
  • climb onto your conservatory’s roof whilst cleaning.
  • clean the inside first. Cleaning the outside first makes it easier to spot any smudges on the inside.
  • get any oil-based products like WD40 on your conservatory’s rubber seals or sliding doors.
  • leave ladders or cleaning products unattended when there are children or pets around.
  • leave it longer than 12 months between cleans.
  • assume that ‘self-cleaning’ glass doesn’t ever need cleaning. It will still need washing with soapy water at least once a year.

Conservatory cleaning equipment

Using the right equipment to clean your conservatory will save you time and effort as well as ensuring the job is completed safely and to a high standard.

Here is the low-down on the best equipment for the job.

Specialist conservatory roof ladder – Conservatory roof ladders make it easy and comfortable to access your conservatory, including the roof, for cleaning.

Made from lightweight materials, these ladders can be safely secured to the top of your conservatory without marking or otherwise damaging it.

If you don’t want to buy a conservatory roof ladder, you can hire them out very affordably from most tool hire shops.

Telescopic cleaning brush – Telescopic cleaning brushes are extendable, making it easy to clean those high and difficult-to-reach surfaces.

To achieve a smear-free finish, opt for a telescopic pole that has a brush on one side and a squeegee on the other.

Sponge and cloth – Even if you’re using a telescopic cleaner to wash most of your conservatory, you’ll need a good old fashioned sponge and cloth for smaller or more fiddly surfaces like doors.

Bucket – You’ll need a bucket for mixing your cleaning solution.

Specialist cleaning solution or washing up liquid – You can either buy a gentle, specialist conservatory cleaning solution, or use a simple mix of washing up liquid and water.

Conservatory cleaning service

If you don’t have much time on your hands and want a first-rate job done of cleaning your conservatory, then leaving it to the experts may be the best option for you.

When you hire a professional and reputable conservatory cleaning company to complete the job, they will use specialist equipment to give your conservatory a sparkling finish every time, both inside and out.

Professional cleaners should clean your conservatory using safe, non-abrasive and chemical-free methods.

Modern water-fed pole systems make the job quick and easy for professional cleaners, more cost-effective for you, and offer an exceptional finish.

The price of having your conservatory cleaned will depend on your location, the size of your conservatory, and the type of clean that you require.

Most professional conservatory cleaners will offer a variety of services including:

  • Internal clean
  • External clean
  • Roof clean
  • Full valet

A quick search online can help you find local companies that provide conservatory cleaning services. It’s always best to shop around and get a few quotes before hiring someone for the job. All reputable companies should have public liability insurance. Other trust indicators to look out for are positive customer reviews, industry and trade memberships and awards won.

If you have any questions about keeping your conservatory clean, then get in touch with the Conservatory Land team.

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