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Top Cleaning Tips!

How to Keep Your Conservatory Clean

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Having a conservatory is great. You get all that extra room, a great view of the garden – not to mention the value it adds to your home.

But to really make the most of them, you need to make sure that you keep your conservatory clean and tidy.

Here, we’re going to offer some quick tips as to how you can do this in the most effective, efficient way possible.

Clean Outside First

It’s easier to spot dirt, marks and smudges that are on the inside, when you are inside looking out, than the other way around. So the best method is to get the outside done first, and then any remaining marks can be easily identified as being on the inside.

Your window cleaner typically won’t take care of your conservatory glass, so this is all down to you. Either invest in some proper window cleaning solution, or mix a little washing up liquid with some warm water. Grab a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and get to work.

Cleaning uPVC Window Frames

The good news is that uPVC is very easy to clean, as it tends to be resistant to most types of weather. Warm soapy water will work here too, just make sure to use a cloth or a sponge. Anything too abrasive, like a scouring pad, doesn’t work as well.

If it’s a nice, summer day – then you can let the sun take care of the drying. Or, you can just grab a tea towel and wipe it down. Again, make sure it isn’t abrasive. When drying or cleaning uPVC, try not to use too much pressure – nice and gentle should do the trick.

Cleaning the Conservatory Roof

Here, you will need a couple of things. A ladder and some type of far-reaching, extended telescopic brush. Use the ladder to climb up along the outside of your conservatory, and the brush (mixed with your choice of window cleaning solution) to reach every corner of the roof.

Another option available to you is to purchase Conservatory Land’s self-cleaning glass. When buying your extension, ask our team about this particular type of glazing. It works exactly as it sounds – saving you the trouble of cleaning the roof yourself.

Gutters and Drainage

This may seem a little less glamorous, but it’s nevertheless important clean all your gutters, in order to ensure proper drainage. Otherwise, things get clogged up, and you could end up with real problems (like the build-up of algae, which leads to damp).

The gutter tends to fill up with things like leafs, twigs and other types of debris – particularly if you have any trees close by to the conservatory. Put on a pair of gloves, climb up the ladder and scrape it all out and throw it away.

If you have any questions about keeping your conservatory clean, then get in touch with the Conservatory Land team.

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