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Our final customer of the month for 2019 is a spacious lean to conservatory assembled by one of ConservatoryLand’s many tried and trusted approved installers

Last, but certainly not least – our December customer, Mr Kotecha was thrilled with the seamless process from start-to finish. In fitting fashion, this project concludes the year in style – showcasing the simplicity of build and quality of materials in perfect harmony.

lean to conservatory example

Despite having to contend with some tricky weather conditions, the installers still managed to deliver on time with a first-class build. 

They also had to navigate their way through a particularly tricky obstacle from a design and technical standpoint – which ultimately made the successful assemble all the more satisfying. 

The Project Technical Specifications

NameMr Kotecha
LocationEdgeware, Middlesex
Conservatory styleLean To Conservatory
Dimensions5480mm x 2900mm (made to measure to customers requirements)
GlazingStandard glass in the windows. Opal Polycarbonate Roof
Base typeConservaBase with PVCu Skirt
ColourWhite PVCu, 25mm Opal Polycarbonate for the roof, White handles.

Upon completion, Mr Kotecha remarked that he was particularly pleased with the pre-sales service – which would include a dedicated plan and design based on his bespoke technical specifications.

conservatory frame white

As you can see from the image above, there was a limited amount of space for the conservatory at the back of the property.

After carefully taking measurement, the bespoke dimensions for the new conservatory site came in at 5840mm x 2900mm. 

Then, it was a case of deciding on the style specifications – which would give the new lean to conservatory it’s own unique look and feel. 

Mr Kotecha decided on standard glass in the windows and opal polycarbonate panels for the customary slanting lean to roof. 

With a classic white PVCu frame and white door handles factored into the plan, we could produce a digital CAD design to give Mr Kotecha an insight into how his completed conservatory would look. 

It would also serve as a useful reference point for the approved installers when they came to start the project.

lean to CAD

Lean To Conservatory Installation Process

With the bespoke measurements in mind, the conservatory parts could be manufactured and dispatched directly to Mr Kotecha’s address in Edgeware, Middlesex. 

However, before the parts could be assembled, the most important stage of the build would need to be addressed – the conservatory foundations. 

building a lean to conservatory


The retaining wall, standing around two-feet tall, was the separating feature between the lawn/garden and outdoor patio area (where the new conservatory would be built). The challenge for the approved installer, was to maximise the space available while keeping the conservatory short of the retaining wall. 

Of course, the technical specifications agreed at the start of the process ensured that the bespoke parts would fit within the required area. However, it would still prove to be a precarious part of the build – and the ConservaBase frame would therefore need to fit snugly between the exterior wall of the house and the pre-existing garden wall.

building a conservatory base

With the ConservaBase firmly in place, the PVCu elements could be added, with the white skirt and frames.

conservatory frame white

So far, so good – although another challenge was yet to be addressed. 

Even though, Mr Kotecha’s house was two storeys, the rear exterior wall where the conservatory would be fitted was only one storey tall. 

This would mean that some adaptations would need to be made in order to ensure that drainage would not become problematic. 

Therefore, the conservatory installers needed to allow for a special raised box gutter once assembling the lean to roof. 

Raised boxed gutters are designed for bungalows and extensions limited in height. In this case, the gutter would provide additional height and pitch to ensure water would run off effectively in the space between the house and the new lean to roof. 

lean to conservatory roof



Customer Testimonial

Mr Kotecha couldn’t speak highly enough of the process on the whole. 

He commented:

“I am overall very impressed with conservatoryland. The pre-sales service was outstanding, with great assistance in selecting the right product and options for my requirement. Several calls ensured that the delivery was well planned and it arrived as expected. The delivery showed that this was indeed and high quality strong product.


Mr Kotecha has now begin the exciting process of fitting the conservatory out with flooring and blinds to make it feel just like home. 

If you’d like to join our growing list of customer projects as we head into 2020 why not order a free brochure to find out more about what’s available? 

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