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Introducing our last Customer of the Month for 2023, Mr Curtin in Farnham Common, Slough. His stylish Lean-to conservatory is the perfect addition to his home, giving him plenty of space for him and his family to socialise, relax and admire his garden from the comfort of his home.

Mr Curtin loves to spend time in his sun-filled garden and wanted something that expanded the space. His vision was to create a conservatory bespoke to his style preferences, and he was delighted that he could design exactly what he wanted with ConservatoryLand.

Watch Mr Curtin’s video testimonial below and find out how ConservatoryLand helped his vision come to life.

Once Mr Curtin had sketched out his dream conservatory, he contacted ConservatoryLand to see what options were available to him. The support team were able to help him every step of the way. From customising every element to his style and dimensions to arranging the installation, ConservatoryLand was always there to help. 

The process from beginning to end was smooth and problem-free, and Mr Curtin was able to get any questions answered straight away. Plus, he had the assistance of ConservatoryLand’s vetted Approved Installers for the build. He couldn’t be happier with his new addition – a sleek, sun-filled Lean-to conservatory that sits nicely against his home without being obtrusive.

lean to conservatory in slough

The specifications

NameMr Tony Curtin
LocationFarnham Common, Slough
Conservatory styleLean-to Conservatory
Dimensions4800mm x 2000mm (made to measure to customer’s requirements)
GlazingStandard glass in the windows, 25mm clear polycarbonate
Base typeConservaBase with Rustic Cream 692 and Dark Brown Mortar
ColourGrey on White uPVC, clear polycarbonate, chrome handles

Building Mr Curtin’s conservatory

While our conservatories are suitable for DIY assembly, Mr Curtin enlisted the help of our Approved Installers — a network of independent installers who have all been vetted by ConservatoryLand.

Our installers brought everything they needed and started the build instantly. Mr Curtin chose this option for ease and efficiency – they’re familiar with how it fits together and the base they need to create. As a result, he was pleased at how quick and efficient the process was.  

Combining the Approved Installers’ professionalism and ConservatoryLand’s unique all-in-one base, floor, and wall solution ConservaBase, led to a super speedy installation. Mr Curtin’s new conservatory was soon ready to enjoy, and he could make use of his new space within days.

To learn more about the fully-vetted contractors we work with, visit our Approved Installers page.

grey lean to conservatoru

Like all of our conservatories, Mr Curtin was able to customise his Lean-to conservatory to make it unique to his style choices. To complement his home exterior, he chose a grey on white uPVC frame with a Rustic Cream 692 ConservaBase, Dark Brown Mortar and chrome handles. 

Thanks to his bright and airy new space, it’s given him and his family the extra space to socialise and relax. He enjoys moving through the living room and into the conservatory and garden, especially on sunny days with his loved ones. He has two sofas in his conservatory that make it the perfect space to relax and read a book whilst admiring the outdoors. It also doubles up as an excellent playroom for his grandchildren – he can occupy the living room whilst keeping an eye on them playing in the conservatory. 

lean to conservatory with bi folding doors

The key thing for Mr Curtin is that he didn’t have to compromise on anything he wanted for his conservatory. He could have exactly what he wanted thanks to ConservatoryLand. Mr Curtin and his family couldn’t recommend ConservatoryLand highly enough and were delighted with the service offering.

polycarbonate lean to conservatory

Are you feeling inspired?

If you would like to transform your living space like Mr Curtin, get in touch today. Whether you’re looking for a room to relax in, a new playroom or a space big enough to host your guests for special occasions, take a look at our free brochure

And remember, all our conservatories are made to measure, so you can customise your build to suit your style like Mr Curtin did. 

You can find more stories and testimonials like Mr Curtin’s by browsing our previous Customer of the Month blogs.

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