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Our June Customer of the Month is the proud new owner of a hipped-back Edwardian conservatory.

Here at Conservatory Land, we’re delighted to be able to off a variety of different styles and types of extension – and the hipped-back option is an excellent choice.

With summer having arrived – now is the perfect time to buy a conservatory. So you can enjoy making the most of it through the warmer months.

That’s certainly what Miss Kafeero from Surrey will be doing.

Miss Kafeero decided to purchase a self-assembly conservatory from Conservatory Land, and have it built by one of our approved installers.

The manufacturing of the parts, and the construction of the extension was not an easy task. We needed to take into consideration the customer’s property.

There are pipes, drains and a manhole that we needed to work around. But our experience of doing this meant it wasn’t a problem.

Sometimes these obstacles can put people off buying a conservatory, but they shouldn’t. If you talk to our team, they can help you figure out a plan of action.

Give them a call today on 0800 952 8000.

The Project Technical Specifications

LocationKingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey
Conservatory styleHipped-Back Edwardian Conservatory
Dimensions6000 mm x 3000 mm (made to measure to customer’s requirements)
Base typeConservaBase
MaterialsPolycarbonate, White handles ConservaBase with ready to render walls
ColourWhite PVCu, 25mm Clear Polycarbonate for the roof
Planning permissionCustomer advised that Planning permission was not required for this size
Warranty10 Year Guarantee on ALL parts

As mentioned, the customer had a manhole to work around, as well as some standard pipes and drains. So the measurements needed to be spot on.

We worked with the customer to ensure everything was perfect before we began the manufacturing process.

They requested a hipped-back conservatory, in an Edwardian style.

We provided a DIY conservatory base kit – our ConservaBase model.

You can see the CAD drawings we drew for the customer below:
CAD drawing hipped-back edwardian conservatory - Miss Kafeero

The Installation Process

One of our many approved conservatory installers completed the work for Miss Kafeero.

All of our extensions are DIY – meaning you can save money by constructing it yourself. But even if you hire someone to do the work, it still works out cheaper. It’s completely up to you which way you want to do it.

Preparation of conservatory base for ConservaBase - Miss Kafeero

ConservaBase over pipes drains and manhole - Miss Kafeero

ConservaBase - Miss Kafeero

Conservatory wall insulation - Miss Kafeero

Hipped-Back Conservatory walls - Miss Kafeero

Hipped-Back Edwardian conservatory building - Miss Kafeero

Interior of Hipped-Back Edwardian Conservatory - Miss Kafeero

Hipped-Back Edwardian Conservatory - Miss Kafeero

Our technical support staff can help you at any point during the installation process.

Order a free brochure today to get started.

Customer Testimonial

Miss Kafeero said: “I saw Conservatory Land in the Daily Mail and was thoroughly impressed with their service when speaking to them.

“I decided that I wanted to use Conservatory Land to supply my conservatory, however I couldn’t find an installer so we approached Conservatory Land to help.

“They had an approved installer in my area who gave me a rough price subject to survey which I was happy with.

“There were drains and manhole covers which needed to be looked at. He came over and gave all the measurement to Conservatory Land and I just had to choose the handle colours and the other cosmetic items.

“The items arrived on time as promised and more importantly all correct. Sean Hunt had fitted over 30 of their conservatories and ConservaBases before and he quickly installed mine to a very high standard.

“I saved nearly £8,000 by doing it the Conservatory Land way rather than going through one of the well-known brands. My friends and family have all commented on the quality of the product and the install.”

Visit our Conservatory Quote page and get a free online conservatory quote.

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