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Our Customer of the Month for May 2024 is Mrs Kavanagh, who got in touch with ConservatoryLand to create the perfect Hipped-Back Edwardian Orangery for her Northamptonshire home.

Mrs Kavanagh sees having a conservatory as essential when it comes to adding extra space to your home; it’s now an essential room to add to any new home she moves into. Since moving into her most recent home, installing a conservatory was at the top of her list. After doing plenty of research, she reached out to ConservatoryLand as she wanted to go for a smaller, independent company. She visited our showroom and saw the exact style she wanted – a Hipped-Back Edwardian Orangery. Mrs Kavanagh was delighted with the service she received from beginning to end, from affordable pricing, friendly service, and the finished result. 

Watch Mrs Kavanagh’s video testimonial below to see her finished Hipped-Back Orangery.

Mrs Kavanagh appreciated how the team listened and considered every specification, creating a made-to-measure product that met every need. The build was also a smooth process, thanks to our Approved Installers. 

hipped back edwardian orangery

The specifications

NameMrs Jacqui Kavanagh
LocationBartonseagrave, Northamptonshire
Conservatory styleHipped-Back Edwardian Orangery
Dimensions6000mm x 2500mm (made to measure to customers’ requirements)
GlazingStandard glass in the windows, Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass roof
Base typeConservaBase with Old Millhouse 7420 and Sandstone Mortar
ColourWhite uPVC, 24mm Blue-Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass for the roof, white handles
orangery northamptonshire

Building Mrs Kavanagh’s Hipped-Back Orangery

While our conservatories and orangeries are perfectly suitable for DIY installations, Mrs Kavanagh wanted to hire professionals to construct the build. She trusted our recommendations regarding the installation and opted to work with one of our Approved Installers.

The Approved Installers are independent of ConservatoryLand but have been thoroughly vetted by us, so Mrs Kavanagh knew they were reliable. Their familiarity with our procedures and products guaranteed a seamless installation, even with unpredictable weather.

One of the most attractive aspects of opting for our Approved Installers is the swift turnaround and minimal disruption. They arrived promptly and had Mrs Kavanagh’s new conservatory up and running within just three days, thanks to our innovative all-in-one base and wall solution, ConservaBase. This meant bypassing the hassle of planning permissions and messy, time-consuming foundation work.

glass orangery roof
hipped back edwardian orangery with french doors

Just like every conservatory at ConservatoryLand, Mrs Kavanagh’s build was tailored to her exact specifications.

She went for a ConservaBase with an Old Millhouse 7420 brick skirt and Sandstone Mortar, perfectly complementing her home’s exterior. With sleek white uPVC windows and handles, her new Hipped-Back Orangery seamlessly matches her property and gives her the perfect view of the outdoors from the comfort of her home. 

Opting for a Blue Self-Cleaning Solar Control Glass roof, Mrs Kavanagh wanted to ensure that her conservatory maintained a comfortable temperature year-round while keeping maintenance a breeze. The elegant pitched-roof design, combined with the glass’s self-cleaning properties, means her conservatory can stay pristine for longer periods with minimal upkeep.

hipped back edwardian orangery

The Hipped-Back Edwardian Orangery has become the heart of the Kavanagh home – a space cherished and used extensively by Mrs Kavanagh herself. In fact, she finds herself spending more time here than in any other room.

Mrs Kavanagh uses her new room for a variety of reasons, from relaxing to socialising, it’s her new favourite space in her home. Mainly, she uses her Hipped-Back Orangery as a dining area, but she loves to sit in there on a starry night and enjoy the tranquillity of her new space – the perfect place for relaxation and observing the birds from her cosy chairs. 

As every ConservatoryLand conservatory and Orangery is made-to-measure, we always tailor designs to suit each customer’s lifestyle. Whether you choose to use your new space for socialising, a home office, playroom, gym, or kitchen, like Mrs Kavanagh’s new conservatory, we can adapt your style and preferences to the space you desire for your home. 

orangery dining room

Are you feeling inspired?

We love to hear about the incredible transformations our conservatories and Orangeries bring to our customers’ homes. Explore more inspiring stories and testimonials similar to Mrs Kavanagh’s by checking out our archive of Customer of the Month blogs.

We understand that your home is unique to you, which is why we only manufacture made-to-measure conservatories, orangeries and porches. To get an idea of the styles available, download our free brochure. Curious about the costs? Find out what you can get for your money with our instant quote generator

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If you’d like to learn more about how we vet installers and the construction process, please visit our Approved Installers page. As ConservatoryLand is a contactless company, installers will only enter your property if necessary.

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