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When you have a clear vision of how you want your conservatory to look – and then see it executed to perfection, it’s a great feeling.  Fortunately, this was the case for Mr Fagbile – who added a large, hipped lean to conservatory to the back of his stunning property in South Ockendon, Essex. 

Trusting one of ConservatoryLands’s many reliable approved installers to carry out the build, Mr Fagbile has an extension to be proud of for years to come.

new hipped lean to conservatory

Thanks to the size of the back garden, and detailed bespoke specifications from the customer – the approved installers had plenty of detail and space to work with in order to assemble the conservatory as effectively as possible. 

With a large conservatory extension like this, there is always the danger of taking away from the outside space that the property already benefits from. However, in this case – the extension brings the outdoors in, creating a comfortable and bright indoor space. As you can see from the CAD designs, the project was executed to the letter – through a seamless understanding of the customer’s expectations from the outset.

cad conservatory drawing

The Project Technical Specifications

NameMr Fagbile
LocationSouth Ockendon, Essex
Conservatory styleHipped Lean To Conservatory with 900mm High Dwarf Wall
Dimensions4500mm x 3000mm (made to measure to customers requirements)
Glazing28mm Toughened Energy Efficient Glass in the windows. 24mm Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Energy Efficient Glass Roof
Base typeConservaBase with Autumn Leaves Brick and Standard Grey Mortar
ColourGrey on White PVCu, 24mm Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Glass for the roof, Chrome handles.

before the conservatory

Assessing the area prior to proceeding with build, the potential for the conservatory was exciting given the sheer amount of space for available for extension.  However, this didn’t mean that both planning and execution wouldn’t be subject to some challenges along the way. The first one being the gas flue outlet positioned to the right hand side of the extension area. The planned development needed to ensure that the gas flue wouldn’t be left enclosed for both structural and safety reasons. 

The proposed dwarf wall height was also taller than the standard height – so this would also need to be factored in to the build process.

Hipped lean to conservatory installation process

Top on the list of priorities for the customer was quality of build alongside cost. Luckily, Mr Fagbile was able to find a trusted approved installer that was able to assemble the conservatory to a very high standard of quality – starting from the very beginning.

preparing the conservatory base

Starting with the ConservaBase installation – it was important for the conservatory to have a solid foundation before adding the 900mm high dwarf walls. 

Mr Fagbile opted for an autumn leaves shade of brick to match up nicely with the colour of his property’s external bricks.

building the conservatory wall

With the base correctly fitted and the dwarf walls in place, the next step was to assemble the frames. 

The customer opted for white PVCu frames with grey outer-bodywork. This matched up nicely with the external door and window frames already in place on the property.

installing the conservatory doors

The last big structural section of the build is always the roof – which can often be the most complicated if you don’t get it right.

Fortunately, the approved installers fitted the lean to roof to best practice as expected  – ensuring the glazing bars were fitted to the right specifications to accommodate the self-cleaning solar control glazing as requested by the customer.

adding the conservatory roof

Customer Testimonial

Following delivery, the conservatory was fully assembled within four days. 

The customer said:

“Getting my conservatory from ConservatoryLand came at the end of an almost two years’ research and review process. I had no less than 5 companies present me with quotes and I researched into various building technologies. By the time I decided to get my extension from ConservatoryLand, I was really sure of what I wanted.

I opted to let ConservatoryLand recommend a partner to carry out the installation and this was a decision I’m also pleased with. The approved installers were absolutely wonderful. They were as eager as the guys from ConservatoryLand to deliver a perfect product. I should also mention that my purchase experience was professionally managed from pre-sales to after-sales. In conclusion, I would gladly recommend ConservatoryLand to my friends and I have done so already. They delivered the extension of my dreams.”

If you’re interested in becoming one of our many satisfied customers and would like to explore your options – whether that’s with a DIY conservatory, or an approved installer build – we’d love to chat. 

Request a brochure today to get the ball rolling and find out what type of conservatory might be best suited to you.

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