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Introducing our first Customer of the Month for 2024, Mr Adam Frost in Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex. His Edwardian Conservatory is perfect for amplifying the amount of light and refreshing breezes entering your home.

Being part of a family of six, Mr Frost wanted to create an additional room in his home. Since a traditional extension was financially out of reach at the time, he and his family decided that a conservatory would be the perfect solution — and they couldn’t be happier with this natural extension.

Watch Mr. Frost’s video testimonial below to discover how ConservatoryLand assisted in making his dream a reality.

After finding customers’ positive reviews, Mr Frost knew he could trust ConservatoryLand. From the initial contact to the completion of the installation, dealing with ConservatoryLand was a smooth and trouble-free experience. The team was clear, helpful, and, most importantly, not pushy. The entire process was on their terms, providing an uncomplicated experience.

After exploring ConservatoryLand’s many styles, Mr Frost chose a made-to-measure Edwardian conservatory. He couldn’t be more pleased with his new addition – a comfortable, modern and sun-filled room that fits his property. “Perfect in the summer, you just open up the doors and you get a nice breeze coming through the whole house.”

3 x 3 white conservatory

The specifications

NameMr Adam Frost
LocationSunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex
Conservatory styleEdwardian Conservatory
Dimensions3000mm x 3000mm (made to measure to customer’s requirements)
GlazingStandard Glass Windows, Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Glass Roof
Base typeConservaBase with Rustic Inferno Multi 686 Brick and Light Sandstone Mortar
ColourWhite uPVC, 24mm Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Glass Roof, White Handles

Building Mr Frost’s conservatory

Although our conservatories are designed for DIY assembly, Mr. Frost decided to use our Approved Installers, a network of independent professionals vetted by ConservatoryLand. He felt confident that they would deliver a superior and faster job, providing much-needed peace of mind. The installation process went without a hitch, and the installers were not only efficient but also easygoing and pleasant to work with. 

With sleek lines and a pitched roof, the Edwardian-style offers a generous, sunlit extension to any property. Like all of our conservatories, Mr Frost was able to customise roof type, doors and window frames. He chose a white uPVC frame with a Rustic Inferno Multi 686 Brick ConservaBase, Light Sandstone Mortar and white handles.

conservatory with full height wall

For the roof, his choice was a blue self-cleaning, solar control glass. This feature not only provides low noise levels but also minimizes heat build-up, ensuring his family experiences comfortable temperatures all year round.

interior of edwardian conservatory

Once the job was finished, Mr Frost knew that ConservatoryLand did a good installation. The Approved Installers’ expertise and ConservatoryLand’s exclusive all-in-one base, floor, and wall solution led to a super speedy installation. Mr Frost and his family were able to enjoy their Edwardian-style conservatory within days. 

edwardian conservatory roof

The impact of the conservatory on Mr Frost’s family was huge. Thanks to his light-filled new room, it’s given him and his big family the extra space they needed. Mr Frost enjoys opening up the doors and getting a nice breeze coming through the whole house, whether in summer or all seasons. 

He has a sofa and a TV in his conservatory that make it the perfect living-room to relax, read a book and admire the garden with the rest of his family.

conservatory customer

As per Mr Frost, building a conservatory was the best thing he did downstairs on his property. His feeling is that it’s like a different house, and he is glad with the result from beginning to end. He highly recommends ConservatoryLand for those who need that extra space at home.

edwardian conservatory in middlesex

Are you feeling inspired?

If you would like to transform your living space like Mr Frost, get in touch today. Whether you’re looking for a room to relax in, a new playroom or a space big enough to host your guests for special occasions, take a look at our free brochure. You’re sure to find a model that will work for you. And remember, all our conservatories are made to measure, so you can customise your build to suit your style like Mr Frost did. 

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