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Our May Customers of the Month are Mr and Mrs Heckles from Benfleet, Essex, who added a hipped back Edwardian conservatory to their home.

The couple had wanted an affordable, sun-filled extension, so they considered several conservatory providers that could help bring their vision to life. After reading our reviews and customer projects, they approached ConservatoryLand for expert advice.

Having discussed their options and the range of styles with our friendly team, Mr and Mrs Heckles decided we were the right partner to build their made-to-measure conservatory.

In the video testimonial below, find out what Mrs Heckles had to say about their ConservatoryLand experience.

Mr and Mrs Heckles had a large garden but were unsure what conservatory shape would suit their tricky corner spot with a low window position.

Our knowledgeable team advised them on the best style for their space and assured them that their height restriction would not be a problem.

Thanks to its sloping pitched roof and box gutter, Mr and Mrs Heckles chose a hipped back Edwardian conservatory as the ideal solution.

We provided digital images of their project, allowing the couple to tailor the size and customisation options to their needs and budget. Once they were happy with the final design, we manufactured and delivered their conservatory directly to their door, ready to construct.

before new conservatory build

The specifications

NameMr & Mrs Heckles
LocationBenfleet, Essex
Conservatory styleHipped Back Edwardian Conservatory
Dimensions5000mm x 3000mm (made-to-measure to customer’s requirements)
GlazingStandard Glass Windows. Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Glass Roof
Base typeConservaBase with Rustic Orange Multi 687 and Standard Grey Mortar
ColourWhite uPVC, 24mm Blue Self Cleaning, Solar Control Glass Roof, Chrome Handles

Building Mr and Mrs Heckles’ hipped back Edwardian conservatory

We supply high-quality and expertly crafted conservatories suitable for professional or DIY construction.

Mr and Mrs Heckles were happy to install their conservatory without any help from professionals, so an affordable ConservatoryLand self-build kit was the perfect choice.

Assembling their conservatory would only take a few days with our simple step-by-step instructions. What’s more, the couple saved on costs by taking on the installation themselves.

hipped back edwardian

They chose to use ConservaBase — a base, floor and wall system custom-built to the exact size of their conservatory that provides safe and solid foundations.

First, they installed a few strategically positioned concrete pads. There was no need to spend hours constructing intricate parts because the base fits together easily. Plus, there would be no flex when they walk on the floor because each steel section is fully welded.

The couple opted for our rustic orange brick finish with grey mortar for the ConservaBase walls. This closely matched their home’s brickwork, creating a seamless transition between the conservatory and their property.

interior design of new modern conservatory

Next, it was time to build the frames. Our uPVC conservatory frames are available in various colour schemes, including grey, rosewood and golden oak. Mr and Mrs Heckles opted for white frames to complement the white window frames in their home.

Mr and Mrs Heckles selected double doors for their conservatory, allowing them to open up their space on bright, warm days. These doors will also amplify the amount of light entering their room and create a smooth transition with their outdoor area.

hipped back edwardian with white pvcu frames, solar control galss

With the conservatory frames in place, the couple then constructed the roof. They chose a blue self-cleaning, solar control glass roof to ensure their living space was comfortable all year round. This high-performance roofing material offers lower noise levels than polycarbonate roofs. It also reduces heat build-up during the summer months. The self-cleaning properties break down dirt, resulting in a cleaner roof that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

The couple added their finishing touches, including a dining table and sofa. Thanks to our modern manufacturing techniques and helpful instructions, their self-build kit was quick and easy to install. The couple even saved money compared to all other conservatory providers they considered, and they were delighted with the final result.

easy self-build conservatory

Are you feeling inspired?

Want to turn your dream conservatory into reality and join our list of happy customers? Order a free brochure to explore our conservatory styles and customisation options. If you have any questions, our experts are on hand to help.

If you’re concerned about COVID-19, we completely understand. If you choose to use our UK network of Approved Installers, they are vetted and approved by us. Your conservatory will be surveyed, fitted and built by professionals who observe the latest safety guidelines. We are a contactless company, and in most cases, we won’t need to enter your property during the build. So you can feel confident your conservatory project will be installed safely, without any worry.

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