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Choosing the right roof glass is crucial when adding a conservatory to your home.

Learning about the various types of conservatory roofs available is a great place to start. You can then determine which is best for your budget and needs.

The most popular materials for conservatory roofs include solar control glass and budget-friendly polycarbonate. Typically, glass roofs can provide more efficiency and comfortable temperatures, depending on the type of glazing you choose.

Edwardian Conservatory Internal View 3D Visualisation conservatory roofing

Benefits of glass conservatory roof

Compared to other roofing materials, such as polycarbonate sheets or lightweight tiles, glass can be versatile, allowing your conservatory to adapt to the changing seasons.

There are plenty of other benefits to choosing a conservatory glass roof, including:

More peace and quiet

A glass conservatory roof is typically quieter than a polycarbonate roof when it rains. Plus, the insulation within double glazed glass roofs also provides soundproofing, so you can enjoy garden views even if you live near a busy road, or wish to celebrate a little longer into the evening without disturbing the neighbours.

Extra light

Unlike polycarbonate or tiled roofs, glass conservatory roofs allow maximum light to enter the room, even on an overcast day. You’ll also benefit from the roof’s glare properties.

Added convenience

Modern conservatories can be fitted with self-cleaning glass, reducing time spent climbing ladders and washing difficult to reach spots.

Toasty warmth and energy-efficient

Contemporary conservatory glass is designed to be environmentally friendly. They provide insulation to retain heat when needed and prevent wasted energy from escaping, so you’ll find the time spent in your conservatory increases as your energy bills go down.

More time to enjoy

Glass roofs are typically more durable than polycarbonate roofs, which means you can enjoy a beautiful looking roof for longer. With good maintenance, you can avoid the costs associated with replacing a polycarbonate roof, as glass roofs have a predicted lifespan of around 10-15 years.

DIY Orangery with High Line Fascia and corner pilasters and lantern roof

How much does a glass conservatory roof cost?

The cost of a glass conservatory roof will vary depending on the size and style of your project. Typically, prices start in the region of £2,500 for an average size lean-to conservatory. This increases to around £5,500 for a larger Edwardian-style conservatory.

At ConservatoryLand, we offer low-cost conservatories across the UK. If you have any questions, give us a call. Our team can advise you on the different glazing options to suit your project’s budget and specifications.

Four of the best glass options for a conservatory roof

If you select a glass roof for your conservatory, the next step is selecting the type of glazing.

You can choose from various cutting-edge solutions:

Standard toughened safety glass

This is one of the most budget-friendly conservatory glass roof options. However, it doesn’t have an energy-efficient coating or solar control functionality.

This means that your glass conservatory roof will allow more heat to escape, so it will be challenging to keep your conservatory warm in the colder months.

Standard safety glass will allow more heat from the light to enter your space, making it more difficult to keep your conservatory cool in the summer. It also has no self-cleaning properties, so it will require more maintenance.

Energy-efficient glass

Energy-efficient glass is a great option if you’re looking to save money on your energy costs and be kinder to the environment. Its eco-friendly design significantly minimises the heat that escapes through a conservatory roof, lowering household energy bills.

Blue self-cleaning, solar control glass

If you have a south or west-facing conservatory that sits in the sun for most of the day, you may experience unpleasant temperatures during the summer. A blue self-cleaning, solar control glass can help prevent your space from getting too hot.

Blue self-cleaning, solar control glass is designed to maintain the perfect temperature, keeping you warm in the winter while ensuring your conservatory doesn’t overheat in the summer.

Blue self-cleaning, solar control glass is smart too, using rainwater and daylight to break down dirt to clean itself, so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your conservatory — and the view.

Clear self-cleaning glass

If your conservatory roof has awkward areas that are challenging to reach and clean, clear self-cleaning glass might be the right glass for you.

This is an ideal option for conservatory roofs and windows. Covered in a special coating, it prevents the build-up of dirt, so they look cleaner for longer.

The disadvantage to this glass option is that it has no solar control properties, unlike blue self-cleaning, solar control glass. So, your conservatory could become uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

Self-cleaning glass roof for conservatory

Choosing the best glass for conservatory roofs

At ConservatoryLand, we supply high-quality materials, so choosing the right conservatory roof glass is easy.

For more information on our roof options, download a free brochure today. You can also explore the range of conservatory styles and customisation options we have to offer.

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