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Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass - the ultimate conservatory roof

Conservatory Glass Roof Glazing

We supply the only true self-cleaning glass on the market today!

Our optional Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Double Glazing combines the revolutionary benefits of a self-cleaning coating with the solar control performance of a subtle-blue tinted glass, with good light transmission. In summer months, glass with solar control can help prevent heat build up, by significantly reducing the amount of heat allowed to pass through your conservatory roof.

Benefits of glass over polycarbonate for conservatory roofs

  • Glass provides a better view than polycarbonate, which can also become very dirty, very quickly
  • Self-cleaning glass is much safer for hard to reach places such as conservatory roofs
  • Glass, especially Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass offers improved solar control
  • A glass roof is much quieter than polycarbonate in rain and hail

Blue Self-Cleaning Solar Control Glass Benefits

  • Combines solar control and self-cleaning
  • Helps reduce heat build up
  • Its self-cleaning properties work on cloudy days and during the night
  • Self-clean coating lasts the lifetime of the glazing
  • Easily cleaned during dry spells if needed
  • Attractive blue colour offers excellent aesthetics
  • It allows good light transmittance

Reducing the sun’s heat

Conservatory roofs incorporating Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Double Glazing control the heat allowed in and out of your conservatory roof for a more comfortable environment all year round.

blue self cleaning glasssolar control glazing

Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass – Thermal Insulation


ProductColourSolar Heat ReflectionLight TransmissionLifelong True Self-Cleaning1.1 U Value2.7 U ValueArgon Gas FilledEnergy Efficient
Solar ControlSubtle Blue55%53%yesyesyes
Solar Control Super+Subtle Blue63%49%yesyesyesyes

There are two Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass products which are detailed in the table above. The lower the U Value, the better the thermal insulation properties.

We supply the only true self-cleaning glass on the market today – beware of cheap ‘easy-clean’ alternatives!

Self-Cleaning Glass – Frequently Asked Questions

What is self-cleaning glass?

Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass is an optifloat glass with a unique dual-action permanent coating. Once exposed to daylight, the coating breaks down organic dirt, allowing rain water to ‘sheet’ down the glass and wash dirt away.

Where can it be used?

On exterior applications – windows, conservatories and glass roofs.

Will my windows ever need cleaning?

We cannot say that your windows will never need cleaning – that depends on the amount of dirt and rain the glass receives. Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass reduces the amount of maintenance required. If cleaning is necessary, it will be less frequent and much easier than with conventional glass.

Does it work on cloudy days or during the night?

Blue Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Glass needs only a small amount of UV radiation to activate the coating — so it is always working, even on overcast days and throughout the night.

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