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Conservatory Kitchen

What You Need to Build a Conservatory Kitchen

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There are many different ways you can use a conservatory.

Some people like it as an additional lounge – a place to relax. Whilst others prefer to create an office space for themselves.

One of the things you might not have considered is using a conservatory as a kitchen.

Maybe you didn’t even think it is possible. But believe me – it is!

A quick search on Google images will show you lots of people have opted for a conservatory kitchen.

And it’s not as difficult as you might think.

There are a few things you will need to consider. But first…

Why Would You Want a Conservatory Kitchen?

Conservatories get lots of light, which is ideal for a kitchen, although you will need to plan the design carefully and conisder utilising solar control glazing to help reduce heat build-up in warmer weather.

It makes the room a much more pleasant environment, one you will want to spend time in even when you’re not cooking meals.

But the big benefit to a conservatory kitchen is space.

Imagine your current home, and how much more space you would have if the kitchen was completely empty.

That’s exactly what will happen if you move it into an extension built onto the end of the property.

What could you do with that room? The possibilities are almost endless.

Things to Consider If You Want a Conservatory Kitchen

Obviously having a kitchen conservatory is a lot more complicated than if you were to use the extension for something else.

Mainly because of the appliances.

If they’re all electric, then that should be fine. But you’ll need a lot of plug outlets in order to make sure everything can be plugged in.

Things obviously become even more complex if you want a gas oven – so we’d advise against this every time.

And then you have to think about plumbing. We’d recommend seeking independent advice from a plumbing expert about how you would run water to the conservatory.

Consider a Conservatory Kitchen Extension

If all the above sounds like it might be too much hassle – don’t worry, you can still have a kitchen conservatory.

The other option is to add an extension to your existing kitchen, creating more space, without actually relocating all the important things like sinks and gas ovens.

You can decorate it in a similar style to the existing kitchen, so it looks smooth and consistent.

And you’ll have the added benefit of more natural lighting.

What can you do with this space? One option would be to put in a table and some chairs, for a more informal dining area.

But it’s entirely up to you.

What Conservatory Land Can Do for You

Conservatory Land can provide you with an incredible DIY conservatory.

That means we build all the parts, and you put the pieces together yourself. It’s easy, and you save money on the construction costs.

In terms of a conservatory kitchen, we’d recommend getting a large extension. A porch, or even a small/regular-size conservatory might not be enough.

You might even want to consider a DIY orangery.

As to the conservatory kitchen extension costs, that’s based on your exact requirements.

To discuss these, you can speak to one of our sales team by ringing 0800 952 8000.

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