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One significant advantage of a conservatory is its versatility. Some people use their conservatory as an extra lounge or a place to relax, while others use it as a home office or a place to entertain guests.

One of the things you might not have considered is converting your conservatory into a kitchen. Maybe you didn’t think it was possible?

A quick search on Google images will show that many people have opted for a kitchen conservatory. And it’s not as difficult as you might think — but there are a few things you’ll need to consider first.

What is a conservatory kitchen?

A conservatory kitchen is a great addition to any home and the perfect way to extend your kitchen space. It’s an ideal way to make the most of the natural light and a cost-effective option if you’re outgrowing your current living space.

Why would you want a conservatory kitchen extension?

The kitchen is the most important room in many homes. Aside from cooking and cleaning, it can be a great place to greet guests, socialise, and even dine with family and friends. However, if your kitchen is too small, you may not spend much time there.

More space is one of the most significant advantages of a conservatory kitchen. It is often less expensive than a traditional brick-built kitchen extension and worth considering if you need a larger area for dining, cooking and socialising.

Required installations for a kitchen conservatory

Creating a conservatory kitchen extension can be a bit more complicated than if you were to use the extension for something else. This is mainly because of the appliances used. Here are some things you’ll need to think about if you’re considering converting a conservatory into a kitchen: 


If your appliances are electric, you’ll need power outlets so that everything can be plugged in.

You’ll need to consult an electrician to ensure fire safety requirements are met at the very least. They should be able to advise on appliance positioning from both a safety and logistical perspective.


Things become more complex if you want a gas oven, for instance.

Although gas appliances are not unheard of in the context of kitchen conservatories — it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make this installation in a normal conservatory.


Plumbing is essential as you’ll need access to running water for a tap and sink basin.

The same applies to appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. If your pipework can be extended to serve the conservatory safely and logically, then this shouldn’t be an issue.


You’ll want to ensure that smells don’t linger after you’ve stopped cooking, but you’ll also want to guard against condensation.

Since conservatories are largely made of glass, condensation is likely to happen. But if your kitchen conservatory is properly ventilated, the air quality will generally be much better — and it will be a much more comfortable space for you to enjoy.


Conservatories receive plenty of light, which is ideal for a kitchen — although you may need to consider utilising solar control glazing to help reduce heat build-up in warmer weather.

It makes the room a much more pleasant space and one you’ll want to spend time in even when you’re not cooking meals.

What’s the expected cost of a kitchen conservatory extension?

It’s difficult to put a definitive price range on a conservatory with a kitchen as each build varies, depending on conservatory size, customisation options and installations.

If you’re transforming an existing conservatory into a kitchen, the cost depends on the work required from a conversion point of view. So, you may need to factor in the cost of hiring a plumber or an electrician. The more work required, the higher the cost.

The overall outlay of a conservatory kitchen extension may include the cost of new appliances. You’ll most likely need new worktops installed in the conservatory and a fridge, cooker and other plug-in electrical items.

Again, the cost of a conservatory kitchen will vary depending on your precise needs, but you should make sure to work within your budget.

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory with a kitchen?

Not every idea you have will adhere to building and planning permissions. Extending a kitchen into a conservatory is more complicated than a standard sunroom, so it’s wise to seek relevant advice.

Get in touch with the building regulations approval department to ensure you can go ahead with your kitchen conservatory plans before making any costly final decisions.

Kitchen conservatory ideas & designs

There are many ways to transform your home with a conservatory kitchen. Whether you choose to have a kitchen island for socialising, farmhouse-style kitchen orangery interior or a generously sized cooking area, you can customise it to suit your taste. Here are some ways you could transform your space: 

  • Add bi-fold doors – not only are they aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and compact, but they will let in all of the natural light and let out all of the kitchen fumes. 
  • Create an open-plan kitchen lounge layout – if you’re looking for a bigger and brighter room, an open-plan layout is a must. They’re great for socialising and create a better living flow and more natural light. 
  • Add a small conservatory to your existing kitchen – not only will this save on costs, but it will also create more space without relocating all the important things like sinks and gas ovens. 
  • Add roof lanterns – these are energy efficient by reducing the need for lights and they will make the room feel brighter and bigger.

Create your dream kitchen conservatory with ConservatoryLand

At ConservatoryLand, we provide small and large modern conservatories. We build all the parts and protect them with a 10-year guarantee.

We recommend a large extension to accommodate a conservatory kitchen. A small conservatory might not offer enough space. You may even want to consider a kitchen orangery.

As to conservatory kitchen extension costs, it varies depending on your exact requirements. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.

Fancy exploring our range of conservatory styles and customisation options? Download a free brochure. Our friendly team is always available to help if you have any questions.

Design your own dream conservatory

Speed up the process and use our online quote engine to create your ideal conservatory.

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