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Conservatory Dining Room Ideas

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For those who don’t have space already to dine at home, having your conservatory as a dining room is the perfect way to create this. The benefit of having your dining room in your conservatory is that it creates a great open space to house the furniture you need. Being largely glass, the natural light floods in creating an ambient setting to enjoy a meal in as you sit and look out into your garden.

And through purchasing a conservatory with us, you can create a bespoke made to measure extension which meets your dining requirements. Whether you’re looking for a space to hold dinner parties, or just a small conservatory dining room, it’s completely up to you; any of our conservatory styles are therefore suitable for housing a dining table and chairs.

Designing your conservatory dining room

When it comes to deciding on your conservatory interiors, the design of this very much resonates with the ideas we share in our conservatory interior guide.

There are however, plenty of design options specific to your dining space which will make your conservatory the perfect place to entertain guests.

Elegant design:

To further optimise the light airy feel, you could opt for a glass top dining table to help further reflect the light in the room. Glass also works with all colour schemes, and can be complemented by any material of chair. You may want to go for a textured velvet seating option to add that extra element of luxury like we see below.

Contemporary dining:

Contemporary style focuses on a minimalist approach to décor. Therefore, when it comes to furnishing your dining room you should opt for a simple design of table in a block colour such as white or grey. Contrast this with brighter coloured fabric chairs.  A popular choice is thin wooden legs, or full plastic chairs like the images below.

Traditional design:

You may instead want to opt for a more traditional conservatory design, buying a wooden table and wicker or rattan chairs. The wood compliments the ‘outdoors in’ feel that your conservatory creates, as it extends into your garden. Wicker is also more resistant to sunlight as it is less likely to fade; so is therefore a more practical design to choose.

Smaller conservatory design:

If the size of your extension means you have a small conservatory dining room, you may opt for a more space saving layout. Keeping your table as a focal point you may opt for bench style seating as this can be pushed underneath your table and is therefore not taking up any further space in the room. Alternatively, you could opt for a fold away table and chair set – this however would be more suitable if you didn’t want your conservatory to be a permanent dining space.

Conservatory Dining Furniture

There is a wide variety of conservatory dining furniture on the market, which comes in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the size of your extension.

As mentioned a popular style to choose is glass, as it complements the glass exterior of your conservatory, further helping to reflect the light in the room.

You may also want to consider an extendable conservatory dining table. This way you are not using up valuable space when it is not required; you can simply extend the table when the occasion requires it.

We do however recommend you avoid purchasing dining tables which are heavy and solid. Bulky furniture not only takes up a large amount of space, but can also make your conservatory look a lot smaller than it is, especially if you have various other items of furniture in there also.

Conservatory Dining Sets

When purchasing a conservatory dining set it’s always good to consider the various styles available.

If you are looking to maybe change the purpose of your conservatory later down the line, you may consider opting for a fold away table and chair set. This way if you did want to add additional seating in your conservatory at a later date, you can simply fold this away and move to the side of your conservatory.

Making use of fold away furniture is the perfect way to optimise the space available in your conservatory.

Conservatory dining tables that are light in colour are a popular choice as they further brighten the room. This also allows you to choose patterned or vibrant chairs to add a pop of colour to your extension.

If you have the storage space (i.e. garage or loft), it may be worth purchasing extra chairs for your conservatory dining table. This will mean you always have additional seating to hand when required, however it won’t be taking up space in your conservatory when it is not required.

Making a Small Conservatory into a Dining Room

If you have a conservatory which is small in size you have two options, either have your dining set as the sole focus in the room, or opt to space save with a smaller dining table, if you are wanting additional pieces of furniture such as an armchair.

You may therefore want to opt for a small round dining table, and have this in the centre of your conservatory.

On the other hand, you may choose to purchase a smaller dining table and have this against one of your conservatory walls to space save; or alternatively buy a fold away table which can be utilised as and when required.

Both fold away and multi-functional furniture are perfect for smaller conservatories, especially if you want to enjoy spending time both dining and relaxing in there.

As discussed having your conservatory as a dining room, is the perfect way to make use of your extension, especially if this does not currently exist in your home. You just need to consider ways to best utilise the space you have available, opting for furniture which will compliment and optimise the space available. If you are considering this, why not request a brochure to explore the range of conservatory styles we have available.

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