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Do you need more space for your growing family? A separate playroom is an ideal way to give your children their own area while preventing their favourite toys from taking over the rest of your home.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the extra space you need. A conservatory can be built much faster than a brick-built extension and makes a great cost-effective, all-season playroom.

From what practical elements you need to consider to decor inspiration, read on for our list of conservatory playroom ideas.

baby playing in conservatory playroom

Things to consider when converting your conservatory into a playroom

Whether you’re thinking about investing in a new conservatory or already have an extension that you want to repurpose as a playroom, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Make the most of the natural light

Interior stylist Sylvia James (HomeHow) says, “It’s important to make the most of the natural light in the room. Conservatories are typically flooded with natural light, so this is a great place to set up a play area for your children. You can choose toys that make use of the light, such as playhouses, sandpits, or water tables.”

Durable flooring

Choose flooring that will withstand little ones running around on it all day. Cork can be a great option because it’s durable, soft and has excellent thermal properties. Porcelain tiles also work well — just make sure they’re non-slip.

If you prefer carpet, think about the colour carefully. While not particularly exciting, beige carpet will hide stains far better than white carpet. If you’re concerned about your conservatory playroom getting cold in the winter, carpet may be a better option than hard flooring.

Avoid marble because it’s easily marked or damaged, which is not ideal for a space that will see its fair share of spills and mess. 

However, Sylvia advises that, “Hard floors can be cold and uncomfortable for children to play on, so it’s a good idea to add some soft furnishings, such as rugs, cushions, or beanbags. This will make the space more inviting and comfortable for them to play in.”

Children’s toy storage

For a simple way to keep your playroom clutter-free, store toys in baskets or boxes when they’re not in use. They’re quick and easy to tidy away and are super-versatile. What’s more, keeping toys, books and games out of sight will protect them from sunlight, which can cause fading and discolouration over time.

Sylvia says, “If you have the space, you could create a dedicated play area in your conservatory. This could include a playhouse, a fort, or a reading nook. You can add some personal touches. This could include pictures of your children, their favourite toys, or even a mural on the wall.”

Child safety

Sylvia says, “When you’re setting up your conservatory as a playroom, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe for children. This means ensuring that there are no sharp edges or objects that they could hurt themselves on.”

Corner protectors on the edges on tables and chairs can help reduce the chances of any accidents or injuries.

“You should also secure any furniture to the walls so that it doesn’t fall over, such as bookcases or shelves. You may also want to consider installing insulation or double-glazing in your conservatory to make it more comfortable to play in during the winter.”

Leads and dangling wires can cause tripping hazards, so keep them tidy and out of reach.

Easy-clean surfaces

When it comes to children, spills and messes are sometimes unavoidable. With that in mind, choose the surfaces for your conservatory playroom wisely. Plastic and leather are relatively easy to wipe down, while absorbent or porous materials require a little more work to clean. They’re often more likely to stain, too.

Sylvia says, “When choosing furniture for your conservatory playroom, it’s important to choose pieces that are durable and easy to clean. You may also want to choose furniture that is stackable or collapsible so that you can easily store it when it’s not in use.”

painting and drawing in a conservatory playroom

Conservatory playroom theme and decoration ideas

In need of some conservatory playroom design inspiration? Here are some themes and decor ideas to get you started:

  • Contemporary neutrals

Simple furnishings and storage solutions in beiges, greys and browns provide an excellent backdrop for conservatory playrooms. Plus, the earthy colours are ideal for hiding scuffs and stains.

  • Bold brights

Add a bit of zing to your playroom with block colours or patterns in bright tones. It’ll quickly and easily liven up the space, and your kids will love the look.

  • The great outdoors

Indoor plants, wooden furniture and wicker baskets can complement your conservatory’s garden views and bring some of the outdoors inside.

conservatory playroom interior

Planning a conservatory playroom

A great conservatory playroom is both fun and functional. It adds comfort, character and much-needed living space for your family — and will keep your kids busy for hours.

Remember to design your little ones’ new space around the various things they need. If the room is a comfortable, cool play area with everything they want for playtime and independence, it will soon become their favourite room in your home.

For more design inspiration, check out our ultimate conservatory interior guide.

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