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Our first customer of the month in 2022 is Mr Pratt, who writes to us from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, about his new lean-to conservatory. Mr Pratt wanted a stylish and sun-filled room to replace his well-loved but tired conservatory.

After reading some of our reviews, Mr Pratt approached us to help bring his vision of a modern replacement conservatory to life. With years of experience and plenty of builds under our belts, we know a thing or two about crafting long-lasting spaces. Our team offered Mr Pratt useful advice, and he was confident we were the perfect partner to help design his bespoke conservatory.

old white conservatory to be replaced

It was important to Mr Pratt that he made use of his existing dwarf walls. Our expert team assured him that our custom-built conservatories would be the ideal choice. At ConservatoryLand, every build is tailored to your preferences so that you can create the entire project — from start to finish. Mr Pratt was delighted that we could provide exactly what he needed.

After discussing the various options available — such as Victorian and Edwardian styles — Mr Pratt chose a lean-to conservatory in grey on white uPVC. With the customisation options agreed upon, our designers created a mockup of his project.

basic CAD design

The Specifications

NameMr Pratt
LocationSunderland, Tyne & Wear
Conservatory styleLean-To Conservatory
Dimensions3548mm x 2672mm (made to measure to customer’s requirements)
GlazingStandard glass in the windows. 25mm Clear Polycarbonate
Base TypeThe customer chose to use his existing traditional base and walls
ColourGrey on White PVCu, 25mm Clear Polycarbonate, Chrome handles.

Building Mr Pratt’s lean-to conservatory

Our conservatories are suitable for both DIY and professional assembly, and Mr Pratt was prepared to take up the task of dismantling his existing build and installing the replacement conservatory.

Once the existing build was taken apart and the space was cleared, Mr Pratt moved on to assemble the walls of his new conservatory following our step-by-step instructions.

He selected grey on white uPVC for the window frames, a beautiful colour scheme that adds character to his outdoor area. We manufacture our frames from high-quality fully-sculptured profiles, and Mr Pratt was pleased to know that his space had been expertly crafted. And, because they are designed for quick self-assembly, the installation was seamless.

Mr Pratt chose double doors at the front of his conservatory, which were made-to-measure to fit his specifications, so he knew the doors would fit perfectly with his existing dwarf walls. Double doors also allow plenty of natural light into the room, and Mr Pratt will be free to open up his space in the summer months.


The next step was to assemble the roof. Mr Pratt chose a polycarbonate roof system, which is a popular and cost-effective option for many of our customers. And thanks to the sloping roof on his new lean-to conservatory, he can enjoy a stylish, light-filled room.

Mr Pratt was over the moon with the quick installation of his replacement conservatory. After adding final touches, including blinds and a sofa, his beautiful space was ready to use.

furnished, modern lean-to

Client Testimonial

Rating our service as “excellent,” Mr Pratt was delighted with his brand new lean-to conservatory:

‘ConservatoryLand was fantastic, from my first contact to securing a good deal, guiding me through every step of the design and build to delivery and support during installation. Thoroughly recommended.’

And, like Mr Pratt, we have many more happy customers who were thrilled with ConservatoryLand’s service — check out our customer case studies.

Are You Feeling Inspired?

Want to bring your own conservatory dream to life and join our growing list of customer projects? Order a free brochure and explore our range of conservatory styles. If you have any questions, our friendly team is on hand to help along the way.

Feeling concerned about social distancing? We completely understand. If you choose to use our network of expert UK installers, they are vetted and approved by us. Your conservatory will be surveyed, fitted and built by professionals who observe the latest Covid-19 safety guidance at all times. We are a contactless company, and in most cases, we won’t need to enter your property during the build. So you can feel confident your conservatory project will be installed safely, without any stress or worry.

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