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September is here – which means the end of summer.

Kids are back to school. Holidays are now available to buy at a more affordable price.

And people are still taking advantage of the benefits afforded by having a conservatory.

One of those people is our September Customer of the Month – Mr Norman Hill – who recently bought and installed a DIY Victorian conservatory.

Mr Hill is 75 years old, and shows that anybody at any age can easily construct one of our extensions, with a little bit of basic DIY knowledge.

This project was designed to replace a previous Victorian conservatory that had been built in the same place. Here is the before shot of the conservatory:

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory Before

Because the conservatory was to fit on to an existing base, extra care was needed.

For example, we had to make sure the measurements were absolutely spot on, or the new-build wouldn’t fit properly.

Once that was sorted, we developed the drawings and began to manufacture all the components.

You can check out the drawings below:

Victorian Style Conservatory CAD Drawing

The Project Technical Specifications

After considering his options, Mr Hill opted for a DIY Victorian style conservatory.

LocationCoalville, Leicester
Conservatory typeVictorian style conservatory
Dimensions4020mm x 3010mm (made to measure to customer’s requirements)
Base typeExisting concrete slab
WallsConservaBase walls only to go on existing concrete slab. Brick type Red Dragwire Brick from the standard range.
GlazingPilkington K Glass
MaterialGold handles and letterbox
ColourWhite PVCu, 24mm Pilkington Activ Solar Control Super + for the roof, Gold handles
Planning permissionPlanning permission was not required for this size
Warranty10 Year Guarantee on ALL parts

We manufactured ConservaBase walls to fit on to an existing concrete base and Mr Hill opted for K Glass in the windows and doors, with gold handles and a letter box.

He also chose 24mm Pilkington Glass Activ, Self-Cleaning, Solar Control Super + glass units for the roof.

The dimensions were as follows:

4020mm x 3010mm

The conservatory was built using white PVCu.

This extension, as with all our conservatories, also came with a 10 year guarantee.

The Installation Process

Mr Hill was very happy with the installation process.

He followed the instructions, called our expert team for a couple of questions, and had a brand new DIY Victorian conservatory built in no time.

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory After Front View

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory After Side View

And he’s not the first of our retired customers who has built one of our conservatories. Last year, 89-year-old Frank Clark constructed one himself.

It really is that easy – but if you’re still unsure, you can always hire a local builder to complete the job.

We’re happy to help out in any way we can once we’ve delivered the parts.

Customer Testimonial

Mr Hill said: “First time build for this 75 year old really pleased with the finished conservatory.

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory After K-Glass Windows

Mr Hill Victorian Conservatory After - Interior

“A phone call to the technical helpline soon cleared up any problems.

“First class product would do it again, well done ConservatoryLand.”

If you are interested in getting yourself a DIY Victorian style conservatory, or if you are thinking of building a new conservatory to an existing concrete base, then look no further and contact us to get a quote.

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