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A conservatory is an excellent way to add more space and comfort to your home without investing significantly in a brick-built extension.

There are plenty of uses for a conservatory, including as a games room, dining room or even a bedroom.

If you want to convert your conservatory into a bedroom, you’ll need to plan ahead, choose the right furniture and think about extra security.

In this guide, we explore some things to consider if you’re looking to transform your conservatory into a bedroom.

How to make a conservatory into a room

Conservatories provide more space and comfort in your home, and they are a practical way to add an extra bedroom.

If you’re looking to turn your conservatory into a bedroom, here are some things to consider:

The heating source and insulation

As conservatories are mostly made of glass, there is limited opportunity for insulation. As a result, without a good heat source to keep the temperature steady during the winter months, they can become cold.

If you want to use your conservatory as a bedroom, you’ll need to make sure the temperature stays consistent throughout the year.

There are ways to improve the insulation of your extension, such as installing thermal underlay beneath your flooring.

Blinds or thicker floor-length curtains can help keep the heat in, making your room more comfortable. Plus, adding a wall radiator or an electric heater can provide an effective heat source.

Find out more about conservatory heating solutions in our guide.

Ensure your conservatory is well-ventilated

Conservatories are designed to be air and watertight. However, this means they are unlikely to be well ventilated. You may want to consider the following ventilation options:

A conservatory roof vent – Once installed, this is a simple solution that will help regulate the airflow in your conservatory. It’s vital to choose a roof vent that is watertight and draught-proof.

A ceiling fan – These can be attached to lighting fixtures and are ideal for the winter and summer months. When the weather is hot, the fan circulates and cools the air. When the temperature drops, you can reverse the fan direction. This will recirculate and re-distribute the warmer air that can become trapped at the top of your conservatory roof.

How to limit noise

Ideally, you want a quiet conservatory bedroom at night, especially when you’re sleeping. And if your conservatory roof is made of glass or polycarbonate, rain or hail hitting the roof can be much louder than on a traditional tiled roof.

Various methods help alleviate the noise in your conservatory. Here are some solutions:

Roof blinds – There are a variety of conservatory roof blinds that will not only block out the light but help reduce any noise pollution. In particular, pleated blinds are a great style that can help block out noise.

Screens – Tailor-made soundproofing screens fitted to your existing conservatory roof can help reduce noise. There is a range of suppliers on the market who offer low-cost panels.

Your conservatory security

If you intend to use your conservatory as a permanent bedroom, you must ensure that it’s safe and secure.

At ConservatoryLand, all doors are fitted with reliable locking systems. For additional peace of mind, you can consider other security methods such as CCTV or outdoor light sensors.

There are also additional locks you can attach to your conservatory’s door handles at night to prevent them from being moved.

As the majority of your conservatory is glass, all items are likely to be on show throughout the day. So we recommend you make sure all valuables are kept out of view.

How much space do you need for a bedroom?

It is entirely up to you whether there is enough space to fit everything in when planning to convert your conservatory into a bedroom.

However, the standard room size to fit a single bed in is around 7’ x 10’, so it’s worth thinking about the furniture you need when deciding on your conservatory specifications.

Another consideration is storage. Unless your conservatory has a privacy wall, you may want to buy lower-level furniture like an ottoman or chest of drawers to prevent taller furniture from blocking the light.

If you don’t want the room to look like a bedroom all of the time, you may choose to purchase multi-functional furniture.

A popular option when turning a conservatory into a room is choosing to buy a sofa bed. Many have a double bed hidden underneath, which you can simply pull out when required.

If you prefer a more discreet conservatory bedroom, our furniture guide lists some multi-functional furniture options.

Utilising space-saving furniture will also help prevent your room from looking cluttered. This is a great option because it allows you to store items like your clothes and shoes, keeping your conservatory bedroom clean and tidy.

How much does it cost to convert a conservatory into a bedroom?

If you’re looking to add a bedroom conservatory to your home, the costs can vary, depending on the size and style of your extension.

It’s important that you consider your furniture requirements before you decide on the conservatory size.

If you think a bedroom conservatory is right for you, give us a call and we’ll happily walk you through the process. Our team can provide expert advice and suggestions for your new space.

To explore our range of conservatory styles and customisation options, download a free brochure today.

Ideas for converting a conservatory into a room

There are numerous factors to consider if you want to use your conservatory as a bedroom, including ensuring that the space is sufficiently heated and insulated throughout the year.

Furniture is an important consideration because your bed size and storage needs will influence the size of your conservatory.

For more space-saving hacks and interior design ideas, check out our conservatory interior guide.

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