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The perfect addition to your home

T-Shape Conservatories

A T-Shape conservatory would be the perfect addition to your home.

Especially if you have a larger garden, or excess space surrounding your house.

The conservatory shape itself comprises of seven walls – four sides and three front facing, providing a real sense of space.

The central bay within the conservatory provides a walkway from your house, in to your conservatory and garden; allowing the rooms to flow through to the outdoors.

The main body of the t-shape conservatory is rectangular in shape, and therefore likens to a standard room in your house. They therefore offer a desirable layout that allows you to fill the room with the furniture you want.

A further advantage of choosing a t-shape conservatory is that it is less costly than a brick extension.

And Building it yourself is relatively simple, which again allows you to save on the extra costs of labour.

T-Shape Conservatory Design Avantage

If you are someone who loves dining al fresco in the summer months, and fully utilises both your indoor and outdoor space throughout the year; the t-shape conservatory is perfect for you.

Its doors open out into the garden, creating a porch-like effect; allowing for more living space.

As this is a large conservatory, natural light floods in through the glazed windows, so you won’t need to worry about turning any lights on during the day time.

And when it comes to exploring our t-shape conservatory designs, you can choose from either a Victorian, Edwardian or Gable Front style.

We’ll manufacture the parts based on your needs, to ensure you get the conservatory that’s right for you.

Other benefits of a DIY T-Shape conservatory include:

  • Only the highest-quality materials are used
  • All orders receive free delivery across England and Wales
  • A ConservaBase option with 10 year guarantee included

If you’d like to discuss our DIY conservatories in more detail, give us a call today.

Our team can be reached on 0800 952 8000.

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T-Shape Conservatory Prices

The cost of a t-shape conservatory is very much bespoke, as its dependent on the size of your current property and the dimensions you require.

For example, a seventeen square-meter t-shape conservatory can cost from £5,875.

If you would like to get a more accurate price of what one may cost, we offer a free quote for every customer.

All you have to do is get in touch, let us know your measurements (doesn’t need to be exact right now, estimations are fine), and we’ll give you an approximate cost.

How to Get a T-Shape Conservatory

If this has made you consider purchasing a t-shape conservatory, you can find out further information in our free brochure.

Simply give us your details, and we’ll post a copy to you right away.

And once you have decided on the perfect conservatory, we have a variety of finance options to explore, which can be found on our finance page.

At ConservatoryLand we are proud to offer great service and additional extras before, during and after sale.

Including our free delivery service which is offered to customers across England and Wales.

We’ll also have the parts manufactured and delivered to you within two weeks of you finalising the order.

We are also the only self-build conservatory company in the UK that creates all three components of the conservatory (roof, frames and base).

This means everything is guaranteed to fit together perfectly, so you won’t have any surprises when it comes to building your extension.

We’ll provide you with easy-to-follow instructions, and complete support throughout the installation. If you get stuck, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

Get started today – ring 0800 952 8000 and speak to our team.

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