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A conservatory is a modern living space offering plenty of natural light. However, if you want to enjoy comfortable temperatures, the direction it faces — whether that’s north, south, east or west — matters.

The position of your conservatory can significantly impact the atmosphere it creates in your home. Below, we’ll go over the key factors of conservatory positions and which might be best for your needs.

What direction should your conservatory face?

While south-facing conservatories are considered the most popular, other conservatory positions have their benefits.

North-facing conservatories tend to be cooler because they receive less direct sunlight, but they’re colder throughout winter without heating.

East-facing conservatories are similar to north-facing extensions, requiring heating when the temperature drops. West-facing conservatories, on the other hand, are like south-facing installations but don’t get as hot in the summer.

Let’s take a closer look at these conservatory positions and the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of each.

Why choose a north-facing conservatory?

There are several benefits of a north-facing conservatory.

It receives less direct sunlight than south-facing conservatories, which is practical in the summer. Because the conservatory is less likely to become uncomfortably warm during high temperatures, you can enjoy the space during hot weather.

However, this conservatory position will result in a significantly colder room during winter — because less sunlight means less heat. If you want to use the conservatory when the temperature drops, you might need to invest in a heating solution to warm the room.

Why choose a south-facing conservatory?

A south-facing conservatory is ideal for individuals intending to spend a lot of time in it all year round.

The conservatory is fully exposed throughout the day, making it a pleasant and bright place to sit in all seasons.

You may not need heating solutions when the weather turns colder, because high exposure to sunlight will keep the conservatory warm.

When the warmer months arrive and the sun is higher in the sky for longer periods, a south-facing conservatory can overheat as the day progresses. That is why adequate ventilation is essential.

Bi-fold doors open wide and are ideal for hot, sunny days. Windows and roof vents help circulate air within your conservatory, ensuring the space remains pleasant. It may also be worth considering air conditioning to keep the room cool in summer.

Why choose an east-facing conservatory?

An east-facing conservatory is an ideal choice if you’re an early bird.

As the sun rises, your conservatory will receive plenty of sunshine. This makes it a pleasant spot to enjoy your mornings. It’s also the ideal option for people with busy lifestyles that want to make the most of their conservatory in the early hours.

The disadvantage of an east-facing conservatory is that the wind typically blows colder when it comes from the east. You may find energy-efficient double-glazing useful for extra insulation.

Why choose a west-facing conservatory?

On bright evenings, a west-facing conservatory offers pleasant temperatures.

It’s excellent for busy households who want to use their conservatory in the evenings, especially if you like to watch the sun go down.

Although they tend to be much cooler in the mornings, a west-facing conservatory heats up throughout the day as the sun rises. Therefore, much like south-facing conservatories, they retain heat for longer, so you’ll need ventilation to avoid the space overheating.

Patio doors and bi-fold doors help maintain comfortable temperatures in conservatories during the evenings.

What is the best position for a conservatory?

A south-facing conservatory remains one of the most popular options. It offers pleasant temperatures throughout the year because it receives more exposure to the sun for longer.

A south-west or a south-east conservatory also works well if you plan to use the room throughout the day, all year round. To ensure your southerly facing living space remains ventilated when temperatures rise, consider ventilation options like windows, bi-folding doors and roof vents.

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