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Conservatory Furniture Guide

Conservatory Furniture Ideas

When it comes to furnishing your future conservatory, there’s a few things to bear in mind.

In most cases, the purpose of your conservatory is likely to influence the furniture that goes inside it.

What’s your conservatory actually for?

Is it an extended dining area?

Lounge space?

Or, just a bit of extra room for storage?

Either way, your conservatory is something you should be proud of – and furniture is important part of making it just that.

If you’re unsure about what type of furniture would suit your conservatory best, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Here you’ll find all the inspiration you need to turn your conservatory into the ideal living space for you and your family.

Small Conservatory Furniture

Do you have limited space for a conservatory?

That’s no problem. Smaller conservatories can still offer a pleasant and practical living space, provided you furnish it accordingly.

The key thing to bear in mind when having a smaller space to work with is that you don’t clutter it.

Therefore, you might want to choose compact furniture – such as expandable or convertible sofas, tables and chairs.

Essentially, furniture that serves more than one function tends to work well in smaller conservatories.

You can find plenty of these sophisticated types of furniture online – from benches that double-up as cupboards, to Cubista couches that can convert into additional seating.

Anything that saves space tends to be a winner.

For example, instead of having a couch and a coffee table, you might instead choose to invest in a sofa armrest stand which can perform the same function as a coffee table – without taking up as much room.


Modern Conservatory Furniture

To achieve a modern feel, you’ll need the right kind of furniture.

Contemporary conservatory furniture is all about complementing the naturally bright and airy feel of your conservatory’s interior space.

So, keeping things looking vibrant, fresh and clean with white conservatory furniture could work well.

That being said, metallic and matt black furniture accessories also represent a more modern twist.

It all depends on your own sense of style and design when it comes to kitting out a conservatory with a modern interior.

Conservatory Storage Furniture

When you invest in a conservatory for the purpose of additional space, then you might as well use it.

That’s where conservatory storage furniture comes in.

You want to keep your conservatory looking neat, tidy and uncluttered – so why not look into some storage furniture that won’t look out of place in your conservatory.

This will be different to the solid oak cabinet you might have in your living room, for instance. Lighter, smaller, and more subtle storage items tend to work better in conservatories.

From lightweight basket drawers to slim bookcases – there are a number of options if you plan on using your conservatory to store household items.

Conservatory Table & Chair Sets

If you’re planning on making your conservatory a place where you can sit and spend quality time with the family over dinner, then you need to make sure you get the right set of table and chairs.

First and foremost, it’s wise to assess how much room you have to work with before you start checking out different conservatory table and chair sets.

If you’re confident that you have enough space, then it’s time to start shopping around. Since the table and chairs are likely to be the centrepiece of your conservatory – why not take extra care to find something that complements the overall interior style?

As far as tables are concerned, a rattan design with glass table top tends to work well in conservatories – as the glass reflects the outdoor light.


Rattan Conservatory Furniture

Rattan is a great option for conservatory furniture. Rattan is a flexible palm-like material that is beautifully woven to craft high-quality furniture pieces that can last years.

Often used outdoors, rattan conservatory furniture can be dragged out into your garden during summer and is great if you’re hosting a barbecue or just enjoying the brighter, warmer evenings while we still have them.

From an interior design point of view, rattan is a contemporary and stylish choice when used in conservatories – whether that’s for sofas, table and chair sets or even storage furniture.

You’ll find that many types of the conservatory furniture you’ll see online are made from woven rattan

Conservatory Interior Guide

Now you have a slightly better idea of what type of furniture would work best in your ideal conservatory – why not check out our conservatory interior guide?

Here you’ll find more detail on what you could include inside your conservatory. From plants and accessories to different flooring and lighting options – you’ll be able to paint a vivid picture of what your conservatory could look like with the right interior design.

And, if that isn’t enough inspiration for you – why not take a look at our latest customer of the month?


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