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Here’s What To Do If Your Conservatory Is Leaking

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Modern conservatories that have been installed correctly are built to withstand the hottest days, the coldest seasons, and the blusteriest of weather.

However, because conservatories are made from multiple sections connected with rubber or silicone sealant it can leave them vulnerable to wear and tear which can result in a conservatory leaking over time.

Here’s what to do if your conservatory is leaking, to stop the leak getting out of hand and prevent any associated costs from escalating.

If you detect a leak, no matter how small, it’s best to attend to it as quickly as possible to stop the leak from worsening and any damage from spreading.

Conservatory leaking can be expensive to fix and can sometimes pose a risk to health and safety in the home. From soaking interior furnishings, resulting in the need to have carpets and furniture professionally cleaned or replaced, to causing electrical faults and the associated fire risk.

If you have a leaking conservatory, it can also create the ideal conditions for mould to grow and thrive, which left untreated can contribute to respiratory problems in humans and pets.  

When you first discover a leak, take practical measures such as using a bucket to catch drips and towels to absorb any spills as much as possible.

If you decide to attempt a repair yourself, it’s best to wait for a dry weather spell if you can. You must also make sure the affected area is cleaned and completely dry before you start to reseal a join.

It’s also worth checking whether your leaking conservatory has a guarantee.

The Conservatory Land guarantee protects your conservatory base, roof, guttering, glass, and frames for ten years.

If anything goes wrong in that time, like warping or cracking that contributes to a leak, we will offer advice, recommend repairs, or discuss replacing damaged components for free with you.

Leaking conservatory roof

Conservatory roofs are commonly made up of interconnected panels, frames, and vents.

Because there are many parts and joins that could potentially develop a fault, the conservatory roof can be the most common source of leaks.

You may find a conservatory roof leaking where it joins the house, otherwise known as the finial point.

Here the conservatory frame and the brickwork of the property are connected by flashing. If you have leaking conservatory roof flashing you may need to have it reinstalled properly, or arrange for a complete roof replacement.

A conservatory roof leaking in centre, could be due to a slipped or incorrectly fitted roof panel, a cracked glazing unit, or a perished seal.

Slipped or cracked conservatory panels can be repositioned, resealed, or replaced entirely to eliminate leaks and restore the watertight seals of a once leaking conservatory roof.

Good maintenance of the conservatory can help to prevent the occurrence of leaks, and the different types of conservatory roofs available can also reduce the chance of leaks occurring as the conservatory gets older.

There are a number of conservatory roof systems you could try – each have their own pros and cons.

conservatory roof top exterior view Gable Front, White, Glass Roof

Leaking conservatory gutter

A leaking conservatory box gutter can be problematic for homeowners. Blocked gutters are a common source of leaks if rainwater starts to build up and has nowhere else to go.

The water overflow the sides of the gutter creating a cascade of water that spills into your garden or could enter your conservatory if the seals around the adjoining parts are damaged.

If you’re wondering how to tackle conservatory guttering problems, you need to ensure your gutters are checked and cleared annually to prevent blockages.

Incorrect installation can also lead to your conservatory guttering leaking. If conservatory gutters haven’t been fitted correctly, or they have been knocked or moved, they may overflow with the water once again entering the conservatory.

In this type of instance, the gutter may need to be repositioned or refitted to ensure they drain properly.

DIY Orangery - A close up of the deep external gutter

Leaking conservatory door

PVCu conservatory doors are designed to create a watertight seal around any door frames within your conservatory, but if your door is letting water into your conservatory it’s worth checking over the base of the frame to see if water is pooling there, or check the rubber seals around the door and any glazing to see if they’ve split or perished at any point.

Your door should have been fitted with adequate drainage to prevent any water that makes it through the seal from collecting in the frame.

If the drainage is insufficient, has become blocked, or hasn’t been fitted correctly in the first place, you could be at risk of leaks from your door.

If the rubber seal around your door is broken it will also need replacing to stop water from making it through the sides of the door and causing leaks.  

Leaking conservatory walls

If the walls in your conservatory appear wet or have water visibly leaking from them, the problem is likely to be with the section of conservatory that they are joined to.

Check the seals around the wall and re-seal them if you find any gaps or cracks.

Conservatory window leaking

If it seems as though your conservatory windows are leaking it could be condensation rather than an actual leak caused by damage to the structure of the conservatory.

There are many ways to prevent condensation in your conservatory. Open windows to ventilate the conservatory or introduce a heater to help keep condensation moisture to a minimum.

If you can rule out condensation, the window leak could be due to a bad glass seal or damaged window sealant.

It’s best to check seals for perished rubber or for cracked or missing sealant, and reseal them to see if that improves the problem.

conservatory window frames


Professional conservatory leak repairs. Guaranteed.

If you’ve attempted some DIY repairs and re-sealing cracks in joints or seals has proved only to be a temporary fix, then here’s what to do if your conservatory is leaking still.

Contact the Conservatory Land team, who are on hand to give professional advice and answer your leaking conservatory questions.

Using only the highest quality materials, we’re confident you won’t encounter a problem, but if you’ve bought your conservatory with us in the past ten years and have found a leak that we’ve identified as being caused by faulty materials, you’ll be covered by the Conservatory Land guarantee.

We can assess your leaking conservatory and can offer repair advice as necessary.

Call us FREE today on 0800 952 8000 if you’d like to discuss your options. If you feel like your leaking conservatory is beyond a state of repair – we’re more than happy to help you start  shopping around for an upgrade. 

Request a brochure to find the different conservatory styles you could purchase – or get a free quote today to get an idea of the various conservatory prices

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