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Complete DIY Self-Build Conservatory Installation

Build Your Own Conservatory

Building your DIY conservatory is easy.

You don’t need to have done something like this before. You don’t need to be a DIY expert.

All you need is some simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Which we will provide you with upon delivery of your conservatory.

Installing a conservatory may seem a little daunting at first, but there’s no reason to fear. If 89-year old Frank Clark can do it, then so can you!

And the fact you can save thousands of pounds by choosing to build your own conservatory makes it more than worth it.

If you really don’t want to build your own conservatory, then you can always hire a local builder or one of our fully vetted Approved Conservatory Installers to do all the construction work – and still save money.

You can take things at your own pace. It’s possible to build a DIY conservatory in just a few days, but some choose to take their time.

Either way, you end up with a perfectly-fitted, high-quality conservatory for your home, which comes with a 10 year guarantee.

How to build a conservatory

Now, we’re not going to provide you with the exact instructions on building a conservatory here… mainly because your conservatory will be custom built for you depending on your measurements.

But you can get a good idea about how to build a conservatory step-by-step and what to expect by watching the videos below. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll be happy to offer help and advice if you need it at any time during the process.


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How to install your own conservatory

Conservatory Land advanced conservatory and conservatory base systems are suitable for both professional and DIY installation.

This video demonstrates just how quick, clean and easy it is to install your conservatory using ConservaBase, an all-in-one modular base, floor and wall system that reduces a three-week project down to just two days.

Everything is delivered to site all in one go.


Day 1: How to install ConservaBase

Step 1. Foundation construction. Using the pad plan supplied, the pads are constructed by digging out just a few small holes which are then filled with either concrete or foundation blocks.

Step 2. Setting up fully-welded sections. The area is covered with the weed suppressing membrane, and the fully-welded sections are placed in position on the pads. Each section is labelled and corresponds to the assembly instructions supplied to make things quick and easy.

ConservaBase eliminates the need for builders, skips, and multiple deliveries of building materials. There is no building site and no mess. It’s quick, clean and simple.

The sections are simply bolted together, levelled with the adjustable, self-levelling feet and then bolted to the house wall.

Step 3. Floor insulation. The floor insulation sheets are inserted, and the moisture-resistant, tongue and groove floor fixed to the base.

Step 4. Skirt fixing. The skirt is fixed to the edge of the base. For sloping ground conditions, extended steelwork and a deeper skirt is manufactured and supplied as needed.

Step 5. Floor protection. The floor is covered with a suitable polythene sheet to protect it from the rain whilst a conservatory is assembled.

Step 6. Installation of wall sections. The galvanized steel modular walls are delivered with the brick slips already factory fitted and grouted.

The wall sections are placed in position and are fully labelled, which correspond to the assembly instructions supplied. The wall sections are simply bolted together and fixed down securely to the base.

The joints are finished with the spare brick slips, adhesive and grout, all of which is supplied with the kit. Once the grouted joints are dried, it will be completely indistinguishable from a conventional build.


Day 2: How to assemble your conservatory

Step 7. Conservatory frame installation. The conservatory cill is laid on top of the walls, or in the case of a full-height frame conservatory, directly to the floor of the base.

The conservatory frames are fixed together, screwed down to the walls, and fixed securely to the house wall. All corner posts, connectors and fixings are supplied.

Step 8. Roof installation. The roof ring beam is fixed on top of the conservatory frames, and once everything is square, the final fixings can be made and tightened.

Starting with the wall plate, ridge and rafters, the conservatory roof is assembled and bolted to the house wall in accordance with the instructions supplied.

Step 9. Conservatory glazing. The conservatory frames are internally glazed for maximum security by simply inserting the glass units from inside and tapping in the glazing beads.

Roof supporting tie bars are supplied if and where needed.

The roof glazing, which can be either polycarbonate or double glazed glass units, simply sits on the rafter bars and finished with end closure rafter covers and end caps, all of which are supplied in the kit.

Step 10. Final decorations. Once the roof glazing is complete, the decorative ridge cap is fitted, followed by the gutter, downpipe and internal trims, all of which are included in every kit.


How much to build a conservatory?

Building your own conservatory allows you to tailor your project to suit your requirements and budget.

One of the biggest factors in the cost of your project is whether you decide to have your conservatory supplied and fitted or decide to install it yourself.

Our self-build DIY conservatories come with easy-to-follow instructions, making them simple to put together if you have the time and patience to do so.

If the idea of installing the conservatory yourself doesn’t appeal to you, then you will need to increase your budget to cover the price of paying a professional to do the job.

Other factors that will affect the price of your conservatory include its size, style, and glazing type.

Conservatory installers usually charge for their services by the hour, so the price will depend on the size and extent of the job.

The rate per hour you should expect to pay will be dependent on several factors, including the installer’s level of experience and your location.

You can either enlist the help of local trusted tradesperson to install your conservatory, or get in touch with us to find out if we have a Conservatory Land approved installer in your area.


Our Reviews

Stephen Bowden
Stephen Bowden
Verified review
Conservatory land kept us informed all the way through planning and installation. Would recommend this company to anyone absolutely delighted with the finished product a great asset to our property.
Jennifer Daly
Jennifer Daly
Verified review
We needed to replace our conservatory and chose this firm to go with , Absolutely over the moon we did … Callum was brilliant at helping us and always there with answers , would definitely recommend them
Susan Gower
Susan Gower
Verified review
Excellent service. Everything happened as they said it happens, arrived when they said it would, built as they said it would and looks as good as they said it would. ConservatoryLand, it's just what it says on the tin.
Keith Lockhart
Keith Lockhart
Verified review
Excellent from start to finish thank you
Jan Pointin
Jan Pointin
Verified review
Blown away! From start to finish I was blown away by the professionalism and precision of the ConservatoryLand sales and design team. The installers were courteous and helpful throughout, even when (through no fault of their own) they had to down tools and return at a later date! My conservatory looks amazing! So thank you! I would highly recommend this company!
Christy Chung Morton
Christy Chung Morton
Verified review
Beautiful conservatory with reasonable price The quality of the conservatory is very satisfying. It looks beautiful. Value for money. The installation is very smooth and were done quickly and on time. I’m very happy with this and definitely will recommend to others.
Sarah Howell
Sarah Howell
Verified review
A flawless process from start to finish. Super pleased with the conservatory and the approved installers did a brilliant job. Would definitely recommend.
Mick Menage
Mick Menage
Verified review
ConservatoryLand: A great improvement for any home. After much internet research and comparing various suppliers we recently purchased a conservatory. Quality and value for money being a main factor in investing in this extra space to our home. ConservatoryLand came up tops in this requirement, the price was excellent, with finance options including Buy Now Pay Later, interest free credit and monthly instalments. The ease of choosing the style, ordering thru to manufacture was beyond belief, once delivered it was fully erected in only 4 days. Every conservatory is made bespoke to your exact requirements. We would like to thank all staff in assisting and ensuring everything went to plan, in particular a big thank you to Senior Sales Advisor Callum Stevenson for all his advice and guidance throughout. The Approved Installer, Austin Donovan, ADL Windows & Doors Ltd was always prompt and on time. He was very professional and was fully competent with ConservatoryLand procedures. We would recommend this company.
Miss. Lisa Jane Hopkins
Miss. Lisa Jane Hopkins
Verified review
What an amazing experience,I cant thank Becky enough for all her help and guidance.We have the most beautiful conservatory with brilliant builders who are recommended by Conservatoryland who were spotlessly clean and professional.....I cant recommend Conservatoryland enough.


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