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Barbiecore is taking the world by storm! Thanks to the release of the new Barbie movie (21st July), the 90s icon is overtaking social media and pop culture alike – from fashion to nail art, travel and even interiors.

Whether you’re inspired to incorporate this growing trend into your home, or as a fun style into your conservatory-come-playroom, we’ve teamed up with interior stylist Sylvia James (HomeHow) who explains, “Since 1959, Barbie has been an icon of fashion and mod home design, as well as being a symbol of fun. As a child, we all wanted a Barbie dreamhouse. Now, people are less afraid and becoming more daring with their interior design choices. This has led to an increase in people living out their childhood dreams.”

With news out that you can actually stay in a real Barbie DreamHouse, we got thinking…

What if Barbie Inhabited Real, Iconic Landmarks?

We’ve used AI-platform, Midjourney, to reimagine 13 iconic landmarks from around the world in true kitsch Barbie style – and we think they’re pretty fabulous!

Left to Right: Brighton Pier, Brighton, The Chrysler Building, New York, Le Mont St Michel, Normandy and The Space Needle Seattle

Left to Right: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa and The Giza Pyramids, Giza

Left to Right: Tower Bridge, London, The Flat Iron Building, New York, The Forbidden City, Beijing and The Eiffel Tower, Paris

How To Introduce Barbiecore To Your Home

Whilst fashion and nail art are easy to dabble in, creating a Barbiecore interior is a bigger commitment that requires more planning. In fact, there are over 7,000 searches per month for Barbiecore1, as people search for inspiration.

Whether you adapt a ‘more is more’ approach to Barbiecore decor, or are simply looking for subtle ways to embrace the trend, interior expert Sylvia says, “One of the most important things about this trend is ensuring that you fill your home with things that you love.”

Below she shares her top considerations for achieving the look:

5 Tips For A Maximal Barbiecore Aesthetic:

Comfort is key

The Barbiecore trend is all about being comfortable. Comfort plays a big role here. When choosing furnishings for this trend, choose pieces such as comfortable chairs and sofas that make you feel snuggly and promote comfort.

Be bold

“Bold, dynamic patterns work well with this theme. You can play around with patterns or choose statement pieces.

“Add plenty of variety with imaginative silhouettes and quirky accents. Go for pieces with curves and waves, and never be afraid to add plenty of pops of colour.”

Pink takes centre stage

“Let’s not forget about clever ways to use Barbie’s signature colour, pink! If you want to make a big statement with the Barbiecore theme, consider painting your kitchen cabinets pink.

“Alternatively, paint the walls pink and combine this with white or cream kitchen cupboards. Then pair these with pink appliances.

“Since there are no rules with this trend, you can incorporate this colour in any way you like, whether it’s bright pink kitchen cabinets or soft pink furnishings; let your imagination run wild.”

Add some hearts

“Heart-shaped accents are the perfect addition to a Barbiecore home. Whether you want to go simple or go bold, consider adding some heart shapes throughout the home. Heart-shaped pillows, mirrors, and lamps are great options. Consider also adding some artwork incorporating heart shapes in various shades of pink.”

A bright and bold entrance

“If you want to add the Barbiecore trend to your home’s exterior, why not consider painting your front door pink? Combine the front of your home with some flowerbeds or flower boxes with matching pink flowers to go with your front door.”

5 Tips For A Subtle Barbiecore Aesthetic:

Stick to one pink hue

“Choose your favourite shade of pink and select homeware that’s as close to this shade as possible, for a more considered, low-key look. Moody or romantic shades of pink work well.”

Begin with a neutral palette

“Begin by adding some bold, bright colours on smaller things like painted furniture. For a larger approach, consider painting a bright and bold feature wall. Pair these elements with neutrals and crisp whites to ensure the pink colours really pop.” 

Choose bold lighting

“Consider combining interesting lighting elements with some bold artwork for a more dramatic look. The Barbiecore trend is all about being bold and unafraid, so have fun with your designs and don’t hold back. Artwork is also a quick, simple way to update a room so you needn’t be scared of making a statement.”

Choose luxurious textures

“Barbiecore is all about luxurious textures and fabrics such as velvet and fur. Consider adding some faux fur cushions to your couch or add a fluffy statement rug to the room. When designing your space, consider how you can incorporate different textures in your home. Combine pink with gold for a complete luxury look.”

Create a walk-in-wardrobe

“When you think Barbie, fashion is one of the first things that comes to mind. Consider adding some touches to your wardrobe to make it more glamorous. Why not create a full walk in wardrobe and dressing room?

“Consider adding a dressing table and a velvet stool. Put all of your prettiest clothing and shoes on display. If you’re storing items, add some pretty storage containers to help keep everything neat and tidy.”

For inspiration on how to turn your conservatory into a fun playroom with Barbie-inspired tips, view our Conservatory Play Room Inspiration Guide.

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