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A conservatory roofing system is just one of many things to consider when designing your extra living space.

There are several conservatory roof systems to suit both your budget and preferences, whether you want clear sky views or effective temperature control.

Here, we’ll explore different conservatory roofing systems and their benefits.

Conservatory roof system options

With a range of conservatory roofing systems, each type has various pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at three conservatory roof systems to consider.

1. Polycarbonate conservatory roof system

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are affordable, lightweight and easy to install. They allow lots of natural light into a conservatory and offer some insulation to keep your space comfortable.

It’s important to note that robust, budget-friendly polycarbonate roofing systems will last around 10 to 15 years.

Unlike a glass roofing system, you may find it challenging to regulate the temperature in your conservatory with a polycarbonate roofing system all year round.

2. Glass conservatory roof system

Glass roof systems, one of the most popular conservatory roofing types, offer plenty of natural light and beautiful sky views. They’re an excellent option for homeowners who want to feel closer to their garden from the comfort of their homes.

Thanks to various double-glazing options, glass roofs are energy-efficient, retaining heat and reducing wasted energy. Conservatories with tinted glass roofs are also better at reducing glare and regulating temperature as they can help reflect the sun’s rays on hot summer days. And with our self-cleaning glazing, maintaining those hard-to-reach spots on your conservatory roof is much easier.

Glass roofs are more expensive than polycarbonate roofs, but they are expected to last much longer, making them a sound(proof) investment.

Read more about our conservatory roofing systems.

3. Tiled conservatory roof system

Converting a polycarbonate or glass roof system into a tiled roof is becoming a popular option for homeowners who want to make their conservatory feel more like a permanent fixture.

A tiled roofing system offers an attractive exterior and better insulation, allowing it to be used all year. However, you won’t have the same sky views as with a glass roof, and installing a new tiled roofing system can be an expensive home improvement.

It’s crucial to remember that switching from glass or polycarbonate to a solid roof system will be subject to building regulations because you’ll need to ensure the structure of the conservatory can handle the weight of a tiled solid roof.

Please note that at ConservatoryLand, we do not offer tiled roofing systems.

Conservatory roof systems from ConservatoryLand

Your choice of conservatory roof system depends on your personal preferences and needs. A glass roof system could be ideal for enjoying sky views and excellent temperature control. Or, for a more budget-friendly alternative, a polycarbonate roof might be the option for you. 

With our online quote engine, you can easily design your conservatory project. Experiment with different styles, sizes and roofing systems to create a unique conservatory that reflects your vision. As a result, you can make informed decisions about your conservatory project, ensuring that it matches your vision.

Design your own dream conservatory

Speed up the process and use our online quote engine to create your ideal conservatory.

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