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Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof Glazing

A conservatory roof that exceeds your expectations

Polycarbonate Roof Options

Our conservatories can be supplied with a high-insulating, multiwall polycarbonate roofing system up to 32mm thick for exceptional heat and sound insulation. There are four polycarbonate colours to choose from.

polycarbonate roof

Solar Control Foil Inserts – to keep your conservatory cool

Increased Comfort

Polycarbonate with Solar Control Foil Inserts prevent over 80% of the sun’s solar energy from entering a conservatory through the roof, helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. The roof will also reduce glare by 80%, further increasing comfort levels in the conservatory.

In winter, most of the heat lost escapes through the roof; with foil inserts, a large proportion of rising heat is radiated

back into the room, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures and reducing heating costs.

No maintenance, no cleaning

Foil inserts are an integral part of the conservatory and so requires no additional cleaning or maintenance. They will provide effective solar protection for the lifetime of the polycarbonate.

There is no need to install expensive internal roof blinds and the light, roomy feel of the conservatory is maintained.

The following table shows the typical U Values, Light Transmission, Glare Reduction, UV Rejection and Solar Heat Rejection of Solar control foil inserts. Please note that the lower the U Value, the better the insulation properties.

Solar Control Foil Inserts Thermal Insulation

Solar Control Foil Inserts Glazing OptionsU Value W/m3K% Light Transmission% Glare Reduction% UV Rejection% Solar Heat Rejected
25mm Polycarbonate1.514%80%99%80%
32mm Polycarbonate1.113%80%99%80%

These values are derived from testing Gold/Silver Solar Control Foil Inserts, are provided for guide purposes only, and are subject to variation caused by seasonal changes and other factors.


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