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Too Hot or too Cold?

How to Manage the Temperature of Your Conservatory

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Managing the temperature of your conservatory can be tricky. There are all sorts of factors that determine how hot or cold it is.

If you don’t get it just right, then you won’t be able to make the most of your new extension.

Here, we’re going to look at the different ways to keep the temperature at a suitable level. So you can stay nice and comfortable, throughout the year.

Heating Your Conservatory

The first step towards ensuring you have a warm conservatory, is to get the right type of glass. At Conservatory Land, we offer our customers various different types of glass – designed to keep the heat inside and the cold outside.

You can read all about our glazing options on Conservatory Glazing page.

Certain types of Glass are double glazing, and therefore high-insulating. This means less warm energy escapes through the glass, keeping the place nice and warmer – and reducing energy waste by a significant amount.

Another thing to think about is the floor. Wooden flooring doesn’t insulate heat like carpet does, so it might be worth investing in a rug. This will prevent some of the heat from leaving through the floorboards.

Another, more obvious solution is to purchase a small heater, and leave it in the conservatory. This shouldn’t really be necessary if you’ve taken the above suggestions into consideration. But on a really cold day, it might be worth keeping one in the house anyway – just to make sure.

Read more about Conservatory Heating Solutions.

Cooling Your Conservatory

In the summer months, you may find that things can sometimes get a little too hot in your conservatory. After all, it is made primarily of glass – and if there is no shade to protect against the sun then it can get a little warm.

If this is the case, there are a number of things you can do to cool the room down – so you don’t get too uncomfortable and can enjoy the benefits of having a conservatory.

One thing to consider is the possibility of installing blinds. It might seem like this would not have much of an impact on the temperature, but when closed they prevent sunlight from pouring into the room, and heating it up.

Also, the type of glass you have can really make a difference. Conservatory Land’s Subtle Blue product has solar control, to prevent the room from getting too hot. It also cleans itself – another added benefit.

Another option would be to purchase an air conditioning unit. This is a little more expensive, but it is really the ideal way to keep cool. They’re extremely effective, and some can be used all year round (as they provide warm air too, for those winter months).

Finally, it’s always important to ensure that your conservatory has good ventilation. This means windows that open, so fresh air can circulate throughout the room and keep things cool. The door can also be opened for this purpose.

If you have any questions about our conservatories, then don’t hesitate to give us a call or click here for a free conservatory quote.

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