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Conservatory Glass Film vs Solar Glass

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One of the things we love about our conservatories is that they make great sun traps – particularly in summertime. But there’s a fine line between enjoying the warmth and feel of natural light and having to squint through intense sunshine or, worse still, not being able to sit in your conservatory due to the heat.

Luckily, help is at hand. Conservatory glass film and solar glass can both reduce glare from outside, while still letting natural light in. The result? A comfortable conservatory you can enjoy all year round – whether you want to read, work, watch TV or just relax.

But which option is best? Read on to discover the pros and cons of conservatory glass film and solar glass, and find out which is right for you and your needs.


Gable Front Glass Roof White


Conservatory glass film

A clear conservatory window or roof film can be added to your existing conservatory glass, to help reflect heat from the sun and regulate the temperature inside.


  • It can reduce solar heat, which will make the temperature more comfortable
  • Conservatory window film lessens how much sunlight comes in through the walls (handy if you’re trying to concentrate on a TV or computer screen)
  • It helps protect your furnishings against sun damage (such as fading and discolouration)
  • Conservatory roof film is cheaper than having a new solid roof fitted


  • It’s potentially not as effective or long-lasting as solar glass
  • Not all glass films are compatible with all conservatory windows and roofs


Interior of DIY Orangery conservatory glass film


Solar glass

Like film, solar glass controls how much heat gets in and out of your conservatory. Our blue self-cleaning solar control glazing can be used on windows, conservatories and glass roofs.


  • It harnesses UV rays from the sun to activate it’s self-cleaning function – this works even on rainy or cloudy days
  • Its effective solar control stops heat building up in your conservatory while still letting natural light in
  • Solar glass is much quieter than polycarbonate roofs in rain or hail
  • As with glass film, solar glass helps reduce the glare on TV and computer screens, and protects furnishings from fading and discolouration due to sun damage
  • The glass has an attractive blue hue


  • It can be more expensive than glass film


Pilkington Activ Solar Glass Roof


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