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How can you add value to your home?

4 Ways to Add Value to your Home

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Whether you’re thinking about putting your property on the market or not, it’s always a good thing to add value to your home – no matter how much.

You might not be wanting to move any time soon, but things could change in the future, and you’ll want to put yourself in the best possible position from a negotiation perspective.

And if you don’t decide to sell, at least you’ll have improved your home and will be much more comfortable.

Here are four ways to add value to your home:

1. Build a DIY Porch

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by building some sort of extension.

If you’ve got the space, we’d definitely recommend adding a porch to the front of your property – they can offer a warm welcome to guests.

They look really good too, and can provide additional space you might need. Most people use them as a place to store everybody’s shoes as they come into the house.

You might think this is a bit costly, but you can find some very affordable rates here at Conservatory Land.

And you will almost certainly see a return on your investment if/when you decide to sell.

You can read all about Conservatory Land’s DIY porches on page DIY Porches.

2. Build a DIY Conservatory

Again, actually increasing the size of your home is likely to add a good amount of value to it.

If a porch isn’t quite big enough, then go all-out and get yourself a DIY conservatory, at the back or on the side of your property.

The return on investment you get from a conservatory can be as high as 108%, according to this article.

They’re available for you to buy from Conservatory Land in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can find something that fits your home and your budget.

Check out our DIY conservatories.

3. Fix Structural Issues

Unless you are living in a new-build home, chances are not everything is perfect in terms of the structure of the building.

This doesn’t mean there are any serious issues – but little things can have a detrimental effect on the value of a property.

For example, if there are any cracks in the walls (no matter how small), this might affect the valuation.

Likewise if there are any broken or missing roof tiles. Or perhaps you have issues with damp, which could turn serious if left untreated.

Whatever the case, by ensuring that everything is up to scratch, you can guarantee you maximise any profit on the property.

4. Fit a New Kitchen or Bathroom

Much like building an extension, this is likely to have a very positive effect on the value of your home.

These two rooms tend to be more vulnerable to wear and tear, and so can look quite groggy if they haven’t been revamped in a few years.

They’re also difficult to keep clean. So a brand new, shiny kitchen or bathroom – with the very latest appliances – will bring great benefit to your home.

According to the aforementioned article, the return on investment can be around 48-49%.

In addition, any potential buyers will be encouraged if the house has a recently installed bathroom/kitchen.

As mentioned, even without wanting to sell your home, these suggestions will make living there a lot more comfortable.

If you’re considering buying a DIY conservatory, then give us a call!

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