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Once you have requested your brochure from us, you’ll begin to start planning various conservatory ideas, including the style, size, layout and interiors.

And when it comes to deciding how you will use the room, we acknowledge this can sometimes be a difficult task, as you may not have a definite need for a conservatory but want to instead enjoy an additional room in your house without the cost of a brick extension.

There are however many uses for a conservatory, so much so, we have decided to share 8 different ways in which your newly built space can be utilised. So, if you are wanting a conservatory but wondering what to do with it once built, this blog may help inspire you to get started making plans.

An Extra Bedroom for Guests to Stay in

It may not be the obvious choice for what to use your conservatory as, however is very much a practical way to make the most of your extension.

You can either choose to use your conservatory as a fully functional bedroom full-time, or instead disguise this through purchasing a sofa bed.

Both have their pros and cons, but it very much depends on which works best for you.

Having your conservatory as a bedroom will require additional planning for things such as security and furnishings. Blinds and heating will need extra thought, as you want to make sure your guests get a comfortable sleep, and aren’t awoken at sunrise as the sun beams through the glass walls.

Our guide will help with your conservatory bedroom ideas, and also covers points to consider, so we’d advise you have a read of it here.

Transform Your Conservatory in to a Fun-Filled Games Room

If you have young children, or big kids in your family, transforming your conservatory into a games room is the perfect way to create a space which they can relax and have fun in.

Away from your main living space, a conservatory games room creates a separate space meaning your main living room can be kept for relaxing in, whilst the children enjoy gaming in a separate room.

The conservatory also offers the additional storage space for toys and games, and these can also be kept out of eye view. Opting for furniture with hidden storage will help you to keep the games room tidy. For example, a foot stool provides a perfect seat for gaming on, but also ideal for hiding games in.

You may even want to add a TV unit and surround sound to add to the intensity.

A Dining Room Perfect for Dinner Parties

We aren’t all fortunate enough to have a separate dining room in our homes, but this can be easily created in your conservatory.

Your new extension is the perfect excuse to have a conservatory dining room. And depending on the size of your conservatory, you may choose to have both a dining and living space, or alternatively have your table as the real focal point in the room.

An extendable table may be a wise purchase if you enjoy hosting dinner parties, as it ensures you have enough seating for your guests when required.

If you have a smaller conservatory, you may alternatively opt for a fold away table and chairs, allowing you to make use of the space outside of meal times.

If you’d like some inspiration to get started, why not read our conservatory dining room ideas blog. It will help you get to work transforming the space.

A Greenhouse for Your Plants

Unlike a greenhouse, you can better regulate the temperature of your conservatory, meaning it can be the perfect place to grow a variety of fruit and veg.

If you are an avid gardener, having a conservatory to house your plants is therefore a great solution. Especially if you don’t already have a greenhouse.

And a greenhouse in your conservatory adds the extra convenience of not needing to step outdoors to water them, which would very much be appreciated in the colder months.

Mostly all vegetable and salad plants can be grown in your conservatory, with tomatoes and strawberries being popular choices.

You will need to consider things such as ventilation however. As like greenhouses, the natural light floods through the glass, meaning temperatures can rise especially in the summer months. Having a way to regulate the conservatory temperature, and the correct blinds to block out the sunlight when required, will help to prolong the life of your plants.

A Room to Relax In

The floor to ceiling glass of a conservatory helps bring the outdoors in, making it the perfect place to relax in as you look out into your garden.

And when it comes to relaxing, you need to make sure the furniture you choose allows you to do just that. You may opt for a recliner chair or arm chair with foot stool, so you can sit back and unwind after a long day.

Purchasing scented candles, and layering furniture with throws and cushions will help make for a cosy setting.

Having plants such as lavender in your conservatory will not only make your room smell nice, but will also help contribute to the calming atmosphere.

A Children’s Playroom

Similar to opting for a games room, if you have younger children you may opt to have the conservatory as a space for the children to keep all their toys and play in.

A standard dining table may instead, be swapped for a miniature plastic table and chairs and kitchen set. Allowing young children to make the room their own.

With conservatories leading out in to the garden, it very much makes sense to have the conservatory as a playroom room as it means your child can play both indoors and outdoors in the summer months – with toys being readily available when they want them.

Conservatory playroom ideas could include a fun tipi like the one here, alongside lots of toy storage boxes and brightly coloured pictures and cushions, to add to that extra element of fun.

The Perfect Place for a Home Office

If you regularly work from home and don’t have room for a fixed working space currently, your conservatory is a great way to create this, and again not as expensive as if you were to build a brick extension.

When it comes to deciding on the style, you may opt for an Edwardian, or gable front conservatory office as these have a square floor, meaning office furniture is likely to be a better fit.

One thing to consider though is blinds and a heating source. As the light floods through the windows you want to make sure you can comfortably see your computer screen, so fitting blinds will help you easily manage the brightness of the room.

Also with a conservatory being largely glass, it is common for the temperature to drop in the cooler months. As you will be working here all year round, fitting a wall radiator or buying a plug-in heater, will help regulate the temperature.

A Conservatory Storage Room

Struggling for space is a common problem. Even with a loft, you can still find you don’t have enough room to hold all your things. Therefore, a conservatory is the ideal place to store your things.

Hidden at the back of your house it’s the perfect location, where you can purchase furniture such as shelving and storage cupboards to house your items. You may even opt for a privacy wall so that you can purchase taller storage furniture.

Purchasing hidden storage will allow you to make the most of the space available. Coffee tables, TV units and foot stools can all be purchased with hidden storage, meaning you can relax in your conservatory knowing there’s a place for all of your items, out of view from others.

Our conservatory furniture guide has a section on conservatory storage which should help inspire your purchases.

This blog should have given you plenty of ideas as to how you can best use your conservatory. And if it has inspired you to build your own, or even use one of our Approved Installers to build it for you, why not request a brochure from us, free of charge? This way you can pick the style you want.

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