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What Size Conservatory Do I Need?

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When buying a conservatory, one of the many decisions you will need to make is with regards to its size.

Different styles have different sizes, but they can be manufactured in a way that suits your home perfectly.

When placing an order, we’ll ask for your preferred measurements. So that our team can build the parts to your ideal conservatory.

If you’re not sure on what the right size for you is – then this short guide should offer some guidance.

How much room do you have?

The most important question to ask. Obviously, you don’t want to order a conservatory that is too big for the space you have.

On the other hand, if you get one too small then you could be left with wasted space.

Take the time to actually measure the space you have available. Then do it again, just to be accurate.

How many people live in your home?

This question roughly translates to “how many people will be using the conservatory”?

Obviously this doesn’t cancel out the most important factor – what you can physically fit – but it’s good to know how many people will likely be using the extension at any one time.

If it’s just one or two, then you probably don’t need to go overboard (unless you plan on having lots of guests round).

However, if you’re planning on having the whole family using it at the same time, then you might need a larger model.

What do you need to use it for?

It’s not just about the people, but what they intend to do in the conservatory too.

For example, is it going to be a dining area? Do you need a big, long table that can sit eight people?

Or do you just need enough space for a simple couch, to relax on while you read a book?

Consider the different types of furniture you need, then make sure you have enough room. With some spare, obviously, so things aren’t too cramped.

What can I afford?

Generally speaking, larger models are more expensive than smaller conservatories.

So naturally, the size of your conservatory will depend (in part) on what you’re willing to spend.

The good news is that Conservatory Land offers a finance option, to make the payment process easier.

For more information, visit our Conservatory Finance Options page.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Conservatory Land.

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