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Installing Roof Sections

What to do if your conservatory is leaking

Modern conservatories are designed to withstand the hottest days, coldest seasons and windiest conditions. However,…

conservatory flooring

Conservatory underfloor heating: is it worth the money?

If you spend a lot of time in your conservatory all year round, you want…

glass roof conservatory

The best conservatory roof types

Whether you’re shopping for a new conservatory or modernising an existing one, there are a…

Victorian, Full Height Glass, Rosewood

How to enjoy an all-year-round conservatory

Conservatories add light and extra living space to any home. But when the temperature drops,…

P-Shaped Edwardian Conservatory lighting LED strip - Aug 2017 case study

Conservatory lighting solutions

Conservatories offer plenty of natural light thanks to their large panes of glass. But when…

kitchen conservatory

Conservatory dining room ideas

For those who don’t have enough dining space at home, transforming your conservatory into a…

8 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

Once you have requested your brochure from us, you’ll begin to start planning various conservatory…


How to prevent condensation in your conservatory

Conservatories are designed to prevent leaks and draughts, thanks to their water-tight construction. However, they…

Victorian, Full Height Glass, Rosewood

How Long Does it Take to Build a Conservatory?

A big factor to consider when choosing an extension of any type, is the construction…

conservatory bedroom

Can a conservatory be used as a bedroom?

A conservatory is an excellent way to add more space and comfort to your home…

Conservatory Insulation Ideas

Conservatory Insulation Ideas

Conservatories add space and light to your home. That’s why it’s essential to ensure they…

Image of a drain

Can you build a conservatory over a drain?

Extending your home with a conservatory is often a straightforward process. Typically, you won’t need…

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